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Star Wars On Disney+ Has Another New Change To The Infamous Han/Greedo Bar Scene

Who shoots first, do you shoot first, or do I shoot first? Yes, folks that now infamous scene from the original Star Wars movie, now subtitled A New Hope has had another change. Back in the original theatrical release of A New Hope/Star Wars, as Greedo wasted time talking, Han casually slipped his gun out and blasted him to smithereens, in a very cool nonchalant way. For some strange reason back in 1997, George Lucas, creator of Star Wars decided that it went against Han’s character to have him shoot first and then made an awful edit to the movie to show Greedo firing and somehow missing from two feet away, and the fans were up in arms. To this day, I have not come across a single Star Wars fan that believes this was a good idea, not one, yet anyway.

Since 1997, This scene has gone through a few other changes as well, in the Blu-ray version that I have, Greedo still shoots first, but Han fires back slightly quicker and there is an awful looking little head movement, clearly supposed to indicate that Greedo didn’t miss, somehow Han evaded the blast with Neo from The Matrix-like skill, again, it’s rubbish. Well, it seems like George Lucas wasn’t finished meddling with this at all, and he has changed the scene again.

Remember when The Phantom Menace was re-released in 3D conversion? You might not, as about 50 people went to see it and I was one of them, I actually walked out mid-way through. Not only was the 3D conversion awful, but The Phantom Menace is my least favorite Star Wars movie, so I thought “why am I sitting through this wasting my time?” and I up and left. There was never a 3D version of Attack of the Clones, or any of the (actually popular) Old Trilogy of Star Wars movies because it wasn’t seen as financially viable after the flop that was The Phantom Menace 3D. However, it seems like Lucas actually restored all the movies to 4K quality in preparation for the 3D conversion and it is these 4k versions that are being used in the new Disney+ streaming service. Unfortunately, instead of doing what every single person on the planet seems to want except George Lucas, and giving us the original scene back, Lucas has gone even further and added a pointless piece of dialogue right before Greedo shoots. I can’t tell you the spelling but it sounds like he says “mukanke”, and after checking online, the common theory seems to be that this means something akin to “prepare to die” in Hutteese. Why don’t you check it out for yourself courtesy of Mike Ryan.

What more can I say? It’s awful, somehow even worse than what we have and someone seriously needs to have a word with Lucas and ask him to do us all a solid and agree to let Disney insert the classic scene back here. Not only that, but we could point to a variety of different changes which are just as bad, though we may not all agree on which en masse though. Fellow host of The Last Call Podcast Kyle Malone and I usually disagree on this, he hates all the changes for the most part and just wants the classic movies released in 4K. Whereas, I like some of them and dislike others. For me, other than the one we have talked about above, I also dislike Hayden Christiansen Force Ghost replacing that of Sebastian Shaw in Return of the Jedi, but even worse, Vader’s ” No, noooo!” line in the same movie is cringe-inducing when you watch it back. As he and I have discussed, if we could pick and choose which additions to keep and which to change, we’d probably all have a slightly different version. I can’t stand the original version of the Emperor scene in The Empire Strikes Back now, Emperor Monkey Face just doesn’t work for me, and I prefer the change to Ian McDiarmid, I just wish they hadn’t also changed all the dialogue around as well.

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Where do you stand on the changes made to the original Star Wars trilogy, and specifically this latest change? Leave your thoughts below in the usual place.

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SOURCE: Mike Ryan (via Twitter)

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