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Star Wars: The Last Jedi may have suffered a 69 percent drop in its second weekend, but it looks like it’s still on track to do pretty well for itself — at least if you’re to believe box office projections. We’ll get into that in a bit. But let’s start out with what Star Wars: The Last Jedi has accomplished.

As mentioned above, the film suffered a 69 percent drop over the weekend. Even for someone who’s wishing the best for this one, that’s a substantial drop. You can chock it up to competition at the box office this past weekend (which was pretty stiff, with Jumanji, The Greatest Showman, and Pitch Perfect 3), or you can chock it up to the backlash against the film. However, even after that, the film is about to blow past the $800 million milestone today.

As of this writing, it has about $793 million in worldwide sales, with $397 million made up of domestic numbers, and $396 million made up of foreign numbers. All in all, the movie has a shockingly equal division between domestic and foreign tickets, which is abnormal for big blockbusters (they usually skew heavily on their foreign ticket sales — The Force Awakens had 54.7 percent of its sales from the international box office).

But what does this mean for the film going forward?

THR predicts that despite the film lagging substantially behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which was already a given, given its $2.1 billion haul), and venturing dangerously close to Rogue One territory (which took in just south of $1.1 billion), that the film is set to hit $1.6 billion globally, which would comfortably make it a success.

When all said and done, it’s predicted to take in $750 million to $800 million in sales in North America alone. By why the lag in its second weekend? When compared to The Force Awakens’ 40 percent drop, 69 percent seems pretty darn foreboding. They partially blame it on the fact that Christmas Eve fell on a Thursday back in 2015, which could contribute to a much stronger box office weekend.

comScore analyst Paul Dergaragedian had the following to say about that:

The Force Awakens was an outlier, the likes of which we may never see again, and to compare any movie, even a Star Wars film, to that performance is unfair given the buildup to that film’s monumental release. At a gross of nearly $750 million worldwide and a near even split between the North American and international gross after a little over a week in theaters, The Last Jedi is by any measure a great success, and the passionate debate over pros and cons of the film itself serve only to show the continued passion that fans have for this historic film series.”

The film has one final major market to launch in overseas, and that’s China. Interestingly enough, the film is expected to exceed the $125 million there that The Force Awakens did.

Personally (not that it matters), given the momentum, I think it’s a tall order for the film to hit $1.6 billion. When all said and done, I think $1.3 to $1.4 billion is more what we can expect. It’s a bit lower than we’re sure the studio had hoped, but it still one hell of a success by any measurement. But, of course, we’ll have to wait and see if it making those numbers is even possible.

What do you think of the performance so far, and do you think it’ll hit $1.6 billion? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: THR, Variety


    It will hit the $1 billion mark by the end of this upcoming weekend. Literally nothing else comes out until Black Panther so even a $1.6 million estimation might be a little low.

  • Lenin1959

    I bought a ticket for this – I hope Disney loves this money because it is the last they see from me for their Star Wars non-canon fan films. Screw you, Darth Diznee! Who will you kill off now with Carrie gone in episode IX? Chewie? Lando? Ah, whatever. Do what you want, I don’t care anymore.

    • Games

      But I bet we will see you commenting constantly how much you hate it. I wish people that say they hate things would be actual truthful and not pay attention but move on. But we all know you will see the next movie. And the one after. I for one hope you just disappear. Like Luke at the end!

      • Lenin1959

        I wish people like you that say they love things would have the guts to tolerate that other people don’t like what you like and won’t let you shut them up. Just for you: I don’t like Disney’s Star Wars. There, I said it. Now go and tell your therapist about it.

        • Ian Finnimore

          Wow this “new generation” of Star wars fans really understand the message of not giving into anger or hate. Luke Skywalker really “inspired” them like he did “hardcore” fans …

  • Brafdorf
  • syambo87

    Like the Transformers Series… If it makes money… we’re gonna see more movies regardless how much Fans hate it… so Episode 9 is definitely happening… and i’m definitely seeing it… Im a star wars fan… an original fan of the original series and i loved the Last Jedi… went in with no expectations and was mind blown… people who go with expectations will feel disappointed that it didn’t meet their expectations.. instead going a different route… but they fail to see the message the movie is sending… and its not fair or easy for a director to surprise people while having to meet other people’s expectations… or to meet EVERYONE’s expectations… that isn’t fair… i went with an audience who had little to no expectations and they clapped and cheered… and i haven’t seen that from an audience in a long time… at least where i usually watch movies

    • Games

      Same experience here. The audience was blown away and the people that have seen it since have said they loved it. I haven’t meet a person that said they hate it yet and I have been searching. Not everyone will like every movie, but the vitriol from the hardcore fans is nothing new. They have what they want the story to be and anything different will cause them to freak out. It is literally time for those people to be moved out and a new generation moved in. Point of this movie. They will always have their movies from the 70’s and can watch them over and over again. If you don’t like what they are doing then go and create a better movie, don’t just whine about it. I personally am excited to see new material from new minds. Star Wars has so many different avenues it can take and I for one will be excited to see what they create.

      • Ian Finnimore

        “new generation” ha ha ha – in reality Harry Potter was the real new generation.

        Those fans saw the characters grow & evolve with some genuine twists & turns that worked within that universe. Those fans cherish those characters.

        The NU-Star Wars fans only really seem to have spoken up with THIS Star Wars film.

        If you liked it woop de do well done – I liked Alien Vs Predator but I also understand that it isn’t really the same beast as the previous movies & something is lacking because of it.

        Then again I have no political agenda or virtue signalling point to prove & I certainly don’t tell other fans that it’s not their time anymore – thats more entitled than anything the “hardcore” fans could say.

  • Honestly…it doesn’t deserve it from the way they desecrated so much of the beloved mythology.

  • David E

    I didn’t like the movie the first time I saw it, because it wasn’t what I was expecting. I saw it again and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes it has flaws, but so didn’t Empire (yes it does)


    The whole setup of Snoke’s downfall was awesome. The way Snoke misread Kylo’s intentions was really brilliant, and the first time we’ve actually seen what is supposed to happen with a Master/apprentice dark force dynamic. Kylo called his shot and made it. The fact that he had no intention of turning to the light was also well handled. Kylo’s character has been well developed and Driver has done a great job with it.

    • Ian Finnimore

      Yes, on another watch I sorta understand Lukes motivation more … it could have been done better but I guess I had to morn him before I could think more clearly.

      Yes it’s a fictional character but I love that guy.

      The fuel storyline is still stupid though ;-p

  • Nix The Wonder Bear

    $1.6 Billion.

    That’s a ton of money for a terrible movie. Justice League was way better, and it had major problems of it’s own.

    This isn’t a Star Wars movie anymore than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is an Indiana Jones movie.

    Both were sh!t. Both continue to be sh!t. They will always be sh!t.

    Fire Kathleen Kennedy, dismiss Rian Johnson and bar him for life from Lucasfilm. He’s a f**king idiot.

  • Food4Thought

    Too bad it sucked. This idiot director is reaping the benefits from JJ. The Porgs the horse dogs in the casino Lando’s co pilot having a cameo but no mention of Calrissian etc etc etc this movie was disrespectful and the director doesn’t deserve a second movie.

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