– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Let the feud between the lovers and haters of Star Wars: The Last Jedi continue. As I’m sure you’re well aware, the film was more than a little divisive among fans, with many lamenting the treatment of Luke Skywalker, the killing off of Snoke, and Rey’s parentage. In recent weeks, there’s been a movement to have the damn thing remade, with fans claiming to have the funding and backing to get it done.

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Now, one fan has taken it upon itself to realize a poster that would capture the essence of the resulting film. Check out that hilarious poster down below!

As you can see, this poster rights a lot of wrongs from the franchise. Luke Skywalker is once again a bona fide badass — as is Kylo Ren — Snoke is ready to lay out his origin story and his master plan, Leia and Rey have taken their places as support characters/side pieces, Finn is…a cyborg…? Up top, we have THREE Death Stars, the Millennium Falcon chasing Boba Fett’s ship, and…something I can’t quite make out…

Obviously, this poster is one big joke. While I find it quite hilarious in how it pokes fun at some of the more ridiculous criticisms against the franchise, I understand there are other, less sexist and more reasonable criticisms of the movie. Still, for a lot of fan complaints (at least ones I’ve seen), this is spot-on.

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SOURCE: Frodesignco

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