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Many years ago Disney announced it would release a Star Wars anthology film every other year. The first of these was Rogue One which was followed by Solo. The latter performed poorly, and don’t forget the Episode VIII drama, and Disney announced that they would be slowing down on the yearly Star Wars. However, before all of that there were rumors of what movies would be made. We heard everything from a Yoda origin to a Boba Fett movie, and we even heard about an Obi-Wan movie. To be honest, as far as character movies went, an Obi-wan film was the only one I was interested in.

That brings us to the last couple of weeks where there’s been a rumor from Express that Disney is moving forward with an Obi-Wan film, and that none other than George Lucas will be directing it. I find it funny that there seems to be a large number of people that want to see Lucas direct another Star Wars film because before the Disney buyout people hated him and his Prequel Trilogy. It’s like how people blamed Zack Snyder for how bad the DCEU is doing but all of a sudden want to see his vision of Justice League.


Ewan Mcgregor has been asked about this before and stated that he would absolutely return to the character, but no one has approached him so far. There’s also a former United Kingdom politician who recently mentioned the “biggest grossing movie” of last year while talking about a new movie to be made in Northern Ireland. This news is not official of course, but it is sending massive waves through the Holonet… I mean internet. No other news is offered.

Personally, I would trade a Kenobi film for one that takes place a thousand years before the rise of the Empire. I want new stories, with new characters, and new places. Secondly, while I doubt Obi-Wan spent all of his time in isolation on Tatooine, why would the first filming location be Northern Ireland? Also, WHY WOULD YOU WANT LUCAS BACK?!?!? Add all of this up and I think it’s just a rumor.

If Obi-Wan does get his own film, I don’t want any appearances of Luke, nothing to do with Vader, and I require absolutely NO MAUL!!! Do something completely original and incredibly fun. McGregor did the best he could with Lucas’s horrible dialogue in the PT, but he has acting chops. I can see a swashbuckling adventure film working quite well, even if it is not needed.


It wouldn’t be a week in 2018 without an Episode IX rumor now, would it? This one comes from a supposed extra on Reddit who claims to have been present at a scene in which we meet the daughter of none other than Lando Calrissian. He Describes the following:

“Poe, Finn and Chewbacca enter with other members of the resistance and members of our group. They are greeted by Dom Monaghan (who is wearing a very cool costume). Naomi Ackie is here as Veranada (Vera) Calrissian. There is no mention of a formal leader but they seem to be more in leadership roles. They discuss a recent skirmish that happened while the resistance arrived to the planet. They seem to slightly be at odds. Poe confronts Dom’s character and Dom laughs. He is a complex character it would seem, he may have lost a friend or something in this skirmish, get is livid but excited. Naomi’s character says they found something valuable at the cost of losing several soldiers. Enters an accompanied horse with several children masks on. A body is seated with a bag over their head. He gets dropped down. Revealed to be a cowering Domnhall (general Hux). He admits surrender and is searched by Domenic who prods him with an instrument and taunts him. To Naomi’s characters displeasure. This is near the end of act 1.”


That is a lot of beans they’re spilling. There are two things I see in this supposed leak. First… Lando’s daughter may be taking a more active role in galactic politics than her daddy did. Remember when Lando had a bad deal that kept being altered? If there is a time skip between The Last Jedi and Episode IX this would allow time for all of the new characters to get involved the way it seems they will. It only makes sense that Lando would have a Sequel Trilogy analog much like Han, Leia, and Luke have Rey, Ben, and Peo/Finn. Yes, I am feeling like Poe and Finn share the spot Han had in the OT. I mean, if J.J. Abrams had followed through with Poe being dead… I could be okay with Vera bringing in a new faction to the resistance. Rebuilding an “Alliance” of rebel factions maybe. Although, I am beginning to get worried about all of the new actors being introduced in Episode IX. I really want this movie to wrap up the Skywalker saga and not spend too much time on new story elements.

The other thing I see is something I mentioned many, many moons ago and that’s how Hux may be a traitor to the First Order. How do I draw that from him being a tied up cowardly mess? How would you treat one of the senior leaders of the First Order if you captured him, whether in an operation or took him captive when he comes offering information? I would tie the murderous jerk up and interrogate him! I don’t think Hux is the type of person that would “surrender” unless he was trying to get on the Resistance’s good side. Now it could all be a ruse, but I think he is seriously disturbed by Kylo Ren enough to be like “screw it, I’m out! Either way, neither of these ideas are shocking or worrying. I can accept both at face value and be okay with any of the several directions they may end up taking.

Well, what do you think of these rumors? What would you like to see in an Obi-Wan movie? What about the character of Vera? Let us know in the comments below! May The Force Be With You!

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