Star Wars: The Russo Brothers On The Empire Strikes Back Being Their Greatest Influence

The Russo’s are hotter than a freshly nuked hot pocket right now after the smash success of the last two Avengers movies, with the finale Endgame breaking the record of Avatar as the biggest movie of all time worldwide.  The siblings are finished with Marvel Studios (for now) and looking at other, more personal projects. We know they’ll want to step back into the blockbuster limelight eventually and I have for some time wished for them to be given a Star Wars movie to develop. Something they have already said they’d love to make.

There’s no news about the Russos’ getting a Star Wars film here sorry folks, but what this story does show is the passion and understanding the Russos’ have for what made Star Wars special. Appearing on the latest episode of The Star Wars Show. Joe and Anthony Russo were asked what kind of influence Star Wars had on them both, check out the brother’s response below.

Joe Russo begins “Huge, I think probably the single greatest influence on us has been The Empire Strikes Back. We’ve told the story that we went to the theatre and sat there from first screening to the last, and probably watched it four or five times in a row and we just couldn’t leave the theatre, it’s so emotionally impactful for us.” Anthony takes over with, “Challenging for a kid too, you know the tension and darkness in that story really grabs you in a way, and we’ve always liked things that don’t speak to you as a kid but have a little bit of elevated sensibilities.” Joe then finishes the thought “Treat you as an adult, you know, that’s what we loved about the movie and respected.”

Yes, this is why I love the Russo’s because they get what makes Empire such a great movie for kids that are old enough to appreciate it. The movie does not play like a kids movie, it plays more like a serious piece of literature and just happens to have cool lightsabers and space ship chases that also appeal to kids. This also shows us just how wrong George Lucas was to aim his prequels at young children instead of realizing that you can treat kids in a more adult way with storytelling and they will still buy in. The Russo’s are a few years older than I am, but they were both still under 10 when Empire was released, and I think it was my favorite Star Wars film by the time I was around 7/8.

The Empire Strikes Back is the movie that’s most influenced my life as well, ok, I didn’t make the biggest movie of all time like the Russo’s but it’s probably the driving reason you have to read my nonsense here on a daily basis. I love it wholeheartedly, and no matter what they do to Star Wars as a whole, I’m always going to love that OT and Empire most of all. Number one movie of all time for me, no question.

My only hope is that Lucasfilm looks to sign up the foursome of the Russos, Markus, and McFeely to make Star Wars movies. These guys making Star Wars would fill me with a complete confidence and an anticipation I’ve not had for some time with that franchise. Can we hope that Benioff and Weiss will be looking for directors and turn to the Russo’s? Would they want to have a blank slate instead so they can craft something from scratch with their writing partners? I guess we can only hope for now, but in my opinion, Lucasfilm would be crazy not to kick down the door to these guys and just tell them they can start whenever they are ready to roll.

This story is also perfect timing for me as I go into this weekend ready to record The Last Call Podcast where we cover the one and the only The Empire Strikes Back. I now have more ammunition against Joseph ‘Jammer’ Medina who still reckons The Last Jedi is a better film than Empire….. Just leave that hanging for a bit. Listen to this month’s The Last Call Podcast to hear myself and host Kyle Malone shake our metaphorical heads in Jammer’s direction for around two hours.

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What do you think of the Russo’s words, I already know they hit home to me, but do they hit home for you too, and would you like to see the Russo’s tackle Star Wars? Dream away in the usual spot below and remember, Empire will be with you…Always!

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SOURCE: The Star Wars Show

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