– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The brand of Stephen King hasn’t been this strong in quite some time. Sure, his heyday was likely still in the ‘80s, but we have quite a few fantastic adaptations of his work that have either come out or are underway. From IT: Chapter Two to Castle Rock and Mr. Mercedes, we aren’t hurting for new content to look forward to from the mind of King.

But what else is there on the horizon? Speaking with Vulture, the master of the macabre teased a few upcoming projects in the works.

“There’s talk about another thing, an animated feature, but I can’t tell you anything further — it’s a secret. That looks like it might happen. There’s talk about doing The Stand as an extended TV series, possibly for Showtime or CBS All Access, and there’s been some interest in developing Salem’s Lot as a feature, probably because people are saying, ‘Well, we took an old miniseries called It and turned it into a phenomenon, so maybe we can do it with something else.’ Nothing succeeds like excess!”

Let’s talk about the second most interesting project of these three, The Stand (the first most interesting thing to me was the animated one, but since we know nothing about that, we can move one). The Stand is something that many filmmakers have tried to bring to fruition. Most recently The New Mutants director Josh Boone tried to get a multi-film version of the epic tome off the ground. If I recall, at one point it was four films long. However, either the script wasn’t where it needed to be or the studio got cold feet, and it never happened. It’s a similar situation to the recent IT movie, where it underwent countless iterations.

For the longest time, IT was one of the biggest pipe dreams. As a 1,100 page novel, it’s a lot to adapt, and no one was sure studios would have the confidence to tell the story in full, but as the first film has shown, it’s very possible to do so with multiple entries. With IT now proven to be a success, will this new version of The Stand get fast tracked by a network? Even more interesting, will a studio try and pick it up and play off of IT’s success?

If there’s one book that can take the similar treatment, it’s The Stand.

Which of these projects excite you most, and are you worried we’ll be facing Stephen King fatigue any time soon? Sound off down below!

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SOURCE: Vulture

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