– by Joseph Jammer Medina

For the third straight day I get to share a video with you from Marvel’s The Defenders that reveals who’ll be joining our favorite street-level heroes when they have their epic crossover event on Netflix next year. The general thesis of this new video continues what they started on Monday by putting the emphasis squarely on the supporting cast.

The promo below reveals that we’ll get to see three seminal characters from Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage in The Defenders. Check it out:

Yes, while Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple was probably a foregone conclusion considering she’s been in all three Marvel/Netflix shows so far, and Rachel Taylor’s Trish Walker is probably also a big “Duh” when you consider how closely linked to Jones she is, the big standout here is Scott Glenn’s Stick. Stick is a huge part of the Daredevil mythology, and the way he and his subplots have been written so far have been pretty exciting and pretty damn intense. Whenever Stick gets involved, you know there’s big stuff on the way. Knowing he’ll appear in The Defenders means we can expect some of his special brand of volatility, underworld know-how, and brutal tough love relationship with Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) to be present.

Just as before, the video concludes with “Those Who Surround Us, Define Us.”

SOURCE: Twitter

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