– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Stranger Things has gone on to become perhaps the biggest cultural hit to come out of Netflix. With its mix of ’80s nostalgia, its Stephen King brand of horror, and coming of age narrative, it’s resonated with countless fans around the world. But is it a show that can continue to be as engaging with each passing season? Personally, I loved Season 2, but could understand certain complaints. But what about the third season?

We haven’t seen much of anything yet…until today, where Netflix released the full trailer for Stranger Things 3. As expected, it really lays on the nostalgia pretty thick. Not only does it continue to play plenty of homages to the decade that made it famous, but it’s really jumping into the coming of age stuff as the cast dives headfirst into their teenage years.

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This is driven home by some of the voice-over from Finn Wolfhard’s character, who asks if they expected they were just going to sit in their basement all day. As the kids grow up, priorities change, and with two-thirds of their group already paired up, it was bound to happen that the other two would start to feel left out.

There are also plenty of supernatural elements woven throughout, with much of the action seemingly taking place at both a fourth of July carnival and a mall. And that monster at the end? I’m pretty sure the show’s entire budget went to that. Also, that Dustin and Steve button is proof that the bromance between the two will continue.

Lots of great moments. But what do you think? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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