– by Joseph Jammer Medina

With Suicide Squad already a couple years old, we can now look back at it with some fresh eyes. More specifically, we can look back at how the Joker was portrayed — and it was a portrayal that was pretty darn split, to say the least. Personally, while his role in the film wasn’t too great, I think Leto was pretty terrifying as the Clown Prince of Crime in a good way.

But what about his look? There were a whole lot of opinions being thrown around when director David Ayer posted the first reveal. In stark contrast to the deranged terrorist look we got with Heath Ledger, Leto’s Joker looked like a wannabe gangster, complete with tattoos and grills. Perhaps most notably was the god-awful tattoo on his forehead that read “Damaged.” Yeah, it was pretty on-the-nose wasn’t it? Even now, as seen on Twitter, director David Ayer admits this was a bit too much.

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Though while a lot of hate has been thrown at this overall look, as stated above, you could convince me that this was a good one, even that tattoo on his forehead. The Joker is always a man, like Batman, who is about theatricality. Him posting “Damaged” on himself, to me, came across as more tongue-in-cheek then him trying to project his own damaged nature to the world.

But that’s just me.

Similarly, I can understand many other hardcore fans who didn’t like the look. But what did you think? What side of the spectrum did you fall on? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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