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DISCLAIMER: This articles contains spoilers for the film SUICIDE SQUAD.







Going into SUICIDE SQUAD for the first time, I had my suspicions about Slipknot. Warner Bros. had seemed to do a great job of highlighting all the members of Task Force X. From Harley Quinn to Killer Croc, the marketing campaign seemed like it had spread out among all the members of the cast…save for Slipknot. In the world of SUICIDE SQUAD in the comics, it’s not uncommon for writers to throw a couple of Red Shirts into the mix — characters whose sole purpose is to die — and Slipknot fit that mold pretty well.

So it was no surprise to me when around a third through the film, we had gone through an introduction and/or backstory for every character but Slipknot. Once Captain Boomerang began to convince the villain into escape with him, it was all too obvious that he was dead…and he was.

Surprisingly enough, however, it turns out that director David Ayer had intended to give Slipknot a backstory, just like the others. Had they gone through with this, his death certainly would’ve been a bigger shock, and would have likely been more effective. So why did they cut it? Speaking with the Empire Podcast, Ayer stated:

“Yeah we shot one, but after a point it became overloaded, ya know, so you have to cull and pick and choose your battles, and Slipknot gets his head blown off pretty quick, so ya know, I made a commitment early on not to try and create some kind of misdirect, because when you have that many characters every frame of real estate is priceless, and I didn’t want to invest in that real estate to create some misdirect because after opening night everyone knows he dies anyway.”

It makes sense. Like with the deleted Joker scenes, Ayer needed to be economical about his use of time. That being said, I can’t help but feel that him getting his head blown off would’ve worked much better had we gotten to know him first. 

I suppose we’ll never be able to get that experience back, but at the end of the day, it was hardly the biggest problem with the film. What do you think? Was it a smart move for Ayer to remove that scene? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

SUICIDE SQUAD is in theaters now!

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