– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics, it seems like SUICIDE SQUAD is doing pretty well for itself on the financial front. Last weekend, it took in over $130 million domestically and over $260 million worldwide — a solid feat for a flick that features a band of mostly-unknown supervillains headlining it. It certainly doesn’t hurt that leading that group is none other than Mr. Will Smith himself, but it’s not as though the actor has proven himself to be box office proof in the past.

Regardless, the point is the movie did good numbers when all said and done. One of the big questions with a film like this, however, is whether or not it’ll have legs in the coming weeks. Sure, the hardcore fans went out and saw the film on the first weekend, but will it have repeat viewings, and will those who skipped it on weekend one actually pony up the cash during the flick’s theater run? The Monday following a film’s release, while a not perfect indicator, does help give us a bit of an idea of how well it may do in the coming weeks.

According to Box Office Mojo, SUICIDE SQUAD took in $13.1 million on Monday of this week, dropping around 56.5% from its Sunday take of around $30 million. By comparison, BATMAN v SUPERMAN took in $15 million on the Monday following its release, only dropping 55.5% from its Sunday total of $33.7 million. On the surface, this sounds like bad news for SUICIDE SQUAD, though we have to keep in mind that the Sunday total for BATMAN v SUPERMAN was a hefty drop of 33.3% from its Saturday numbers, while SUICIDE SQUAD’s drop was a more reasonable 21.7%. In short, its decline seems to be more gradual than that of BATMAN v SUPERMAN.

This is pretty good news, as BATMAN v SUPERMAN had a pretty intense drop on its second weekend. While most tentpole superhero flicks drop anywhere from 50-70%, BATMAN v SUPERMAN dropped 69%, which definitely puts it on the high end of that spectrum.

Here are some other Monday drop percentages that you can compare SUICIDE SQUAD to. Keep in mind, there are so many variables here (holidays, drops from Saturday to Sunday) that there is no way to make direct comparisons, but it’ll at least give you a basic idea of what we’re dealing with.

Movie: Monday Gross (% Drop)

  • IRON MAN 2: $9.3 million (-69%)
  • MAN OF STEEL: $12.6 million (-65%)
  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: $11 million (-54%)
  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: $19 million (-51%)
  • DEADPOOL: $19 million (-53%)

All in all, SUICIDE SQUAD seems to be in pretty decent company. It’s not a great Monday take, but given the terrible reaction from critics, things can certainly be a lot worse. Let’s just hope the flick doesn’t take in less than $45 million, because then they may be in trouble.

What do you think of SUICIDE SQUAD’s Monday numbers, and more importantly, what do you think this means for for the second weekend? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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