– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The CBS series SUPERGIRL, based on the DC Comics property of the same name, is currently in limbo. Its first season wrapped a month ago, and we still don’t know if it’ll ever come back. The series began its run with a premiere that attracted 13 million viewers, but then suffered steep losses as the season wore on. The show, produced by Greg Berlanti- the same man who handled ARROW and THE FLASH for The CW Network- is very costly, and that makes its future especially murky.

According to The Wrap, CBS is having a hard time justifying keeping SUPERGIRL on its slate. The show costs the network $3 million per episode to produce. It also skews younger than the network’s typical demographic. This has led to a standoff between CBS honcho Les Moonves and WB TV chief Peter Roth. 

One of the solutions for SUPERGIRL that has been bandied about for some time is moving it to The CW. On the surface, that sounds great. The network already airs ARROWTHE FLASH, and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW– all DC comics shows. SUPERGIRL recently crossed over with THE FLASH, showing there’s a direct link between the two series. Also, The CW’s audience is much younger than the folks who watch CBS. What could go wrong? Well, the big problem is that The CW is very budget-minded, and moving SUPERGIRL there could mean steep cuts, raising the question of whether or not it’d be worth doing the show at all if you can’t do it right.

For now, the future of SUPERGIRL remains unclear. More as it develops, as discussions are ongoing.

SOURCE: The Wrap

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