– by Joseph Jammer Medina

This episode of Supergirl is all about alien abductions. Not the best episode, but not the worst, and it is action packed right from the start as an innocent family gets abducted by Cadmus forces posing as Police officers. Back at the D.E.O. we learn that the abductions are happening all over the place. Kara has a brilliant idea to run a piece in the newspaper and tries to convince her boss, Snapper, to do just this. He laughs it off, but decides to meet with Supergirl, unfortunately Supergirl refuses to give him a credible source, so he refuses again.

At the alien bar, a major raid happens where all the aliens are grabbed and James is there to try and save the day by coming in as Guardian — the least useful superhero on the show. Back at the D.E.O. we get a glimpse of Mon-El, but very little more of him until the end of the show. Alex interrogates a prisoner where she almost kills him, and then gets scolded by J’onn.

It does appear I was correct about the end of the last episode, and Cadmus is indeed bulding an arc to ship the aliens away from Earth. Lillian Luthor comes up and gives Jeremiah (Dean Cain) a nice little throwback call by saying that he is they only Superman they need. J’onn also decides to test Alex by showing up in her apartment polymorphed into Jeremiah to test her. Alex fails miserably, and she gets suspended.

Of course, she does not listen and shows up with her girlfriend at another abduction, where they are able to track down the location of Cadmus. Alex confronts Jeremiah, where he informs of her of the plan to ship the aliens away, and all trust seems to be lost between the two.

Kara decides not to listen to snapper, and post her article on a blog instead of dropping the story like he requested. Lena Luthor calls while being attacked, and informs kara of a possible location of the Cadmus base. Lena falls off a building, and Supergirl is there to save her in time.

We get to the final Cadmus confrontation, and Lillian launches the shuttle with a few hundred aliens on board. Jeremiah finally comes back around to Alex’s side when she convinces him that he is truly doing the wrong thing. However, in the battle Alex gets caught in the ship as it launches as Cyborg Superman attacks Jeremiah. With Alex and the aliens on the ship ready to hit light speed, Supergirl flies  in to save the day and stop the ship from hitting light speed, which she does using brute force strength. At the same time Cyborg Superman easily dispatches Jeremiah.

It seems like it is going to be a happy ending, but alas it is not. Snapper fires Kara from posting to her blog, not so cleverly entitled danvers.com, she leaves with sadface, and gets comforted by Mon-El back at home. However, Alex gets congratulated for disobeying orders back at the D.E.O. by Martian Manhunter. The bonus scene then gives us our first peek at Kevin Sorbo, who is one of the robe clad figures teased earlier this year, which many already suspected to be the case.

It does seem like we will not get an episode next week, but Supergirl returns on March 20th with the Music Meister musical crossover event.

Grade: C+

What did you guys think about the episode? Are you excited for the musical crossover event coming up? Let us hear from you!

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