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*Potential Spoilers For Season 3 Of Supergirl*

While DC continues to struggle on the big screen, they appear to have figured out the formula for their properties on the small screen. After its first season, Supergirl moved from its original home on CBS, to the CW network for its sophomore season. This move seemed natural seeing as how the network already hosts a few other shows featuring DC comics characters including, Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

At the end of Supergirl’s second season, the character Mon-El, was forced to leave earth after the atmosphere was intentionally filled with lead by Supergirl, which is toxic to his race of beings. Upon leaving Earth, Mon-El’s ship was swallowed up by a wormhole, and fans were left wondering where he went and if the prince of Daxam would return. While at Comic-Con International in San Diego, the cast and crew of Supergirl talked about what Mor-El’s exit means for the show. Executive producer Jessica Queller said Mon-El’s return will be at the heart of Supergirl’s third season.

“Where Mon-El is and how he comes back is a central mystery of our season.”

Queller’s statements imply we will see the return of Mon-El at some point in Season 3, and that it will be a big part of the upcoming season. With her life already being incredibly hectic, what kind of emotional state will losing Mon-El put Kara in for the upcoming season? Another of the show’s executive producers, Robert Rovner, was able to shed some light on this.

“I think [Supergirl] is grappling with that loss as the season begins. In Season 2, she was struggling with ‘Can she have it all?’ In Season 3, she’s really struggling with ‘How does she compartmentalize being a superhero with those human feelings that are uncomfortable for her?’”. “So she ends up throwing herself more into work, which complicates all of her relationships.”

While Mon-El’s whereabouts are currently unknown, one of the more popular fan theories is that he is the Phantom Zone. There is a similar storyline in the comics involving Mon-El suffering from lead poisoning and being put in the Phantom Zone until he can be cured. While the storylines aren’t an exact match, there are a few similarities and this could be where the show is headed.

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