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The merger between WarnerMedia, AT&T and Time Warner has had a huge negative effect on what should be one of their most prized assets, DC. Since that time we have seen changes in long time beloved staff over at DC as well as unnecessary censorship and a reduction in books and imprints that I can remember having seen them be so excited about around the same time last year. Also we know that the presence of DC will be reduced at this years San Diego Comic-Con as they will not have their own booth, but instead “merged” with the Warner Bros. booth who by the way will also be skipping out on a Hall H panel.

Most recently, they also cut down and then abruptly cancelled DC Universe’s Swamp Thing out of nowhere with no explanation, despite being well received by both critics and fans alike after just one episode. Since then we have heard tons of rumors regarding the real reason as to why this happened, but WarnerMedia have offered no explanation. But with WarnerMedia working on putting together their own streaming service of their own, the buzz among some who worked on the series according to Business Insider is that they might fold DC Universe into it’s own streaming service, which could have influenced this decision.

This is a real shame as a source also told Business Insider that Swamp Thing had the potential to extend to a three season arc and depending on the ratings it could have possibly gone even further out. They could have used this series to have characters spin-off into their own series which would have possibly included a Justice League Dark team-up series. But now we are left with just the full ten episode season that with debut an episode every Friday.

So far the series which will debut it’s third episode this week had done a great job at settling us into this small town in Louisiana where Abby Arcane, played by Crystal Reed, has returned to investigate what seems to be a swamp born virus plaguing the residents. As well as Alec Holland’s, played by Andy Bean, transformation into the Swamp Thing, played by Derek Mears. It would seem like a world like this would take more than a season to explore and I would hope that somehow this show is saved for future seasons, especially if it had the potential to have lead into a Justice League Dark series, which fans have wanted to see come to life for a long time now. We could have seen characters like Zatanna, John Constantine, Deadman and Etrigan the Demon.

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DC Universe’s Swamp Thing can be seen exclusively on their streaming service.

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Source: Business Insider