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When Escape Plan came out in 2013, it was quite a novelty. For starters, it was the first official two-hander to feature Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in starring roles together. Some might say it was 20 years too late, but still…it meant something for longtime action movie fans. It was also part of what, at the time, seemed like an exciting Schwarzenegger Comeback Tour. That tour didn’t amount to much, as the Austrian Oak’s return to Hollywood after concluding his political career fizzled out pretty quickly. Still, Escape Plan did manage to do some decent business for what it was.

Deadline is now reporting that Escape Plan is actually going to get a sequel and that Stallone has signed on to reprise the role of Ray Breslin. Inspired by the overseas haul of the first film, where the $50 Million flick made $112 million on its way to a $137 million worldwide cume, EFO Films wants to push forward with a follow-up. The foreign market that loved Escape Plan the most was China, and it’s expected that the sequel will be getting a considerable amount of funding from Chinese backers. 

Escape Plan 2 is set to start filming on March 15. At this time, not much is known about the plot of the film or the size of Stallone’s role, though it’s been described as being in a supporting capacity. 

SOURCE: Deadline