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Black Christmas Interview: Actor Brittany O’Grady On Making The Horror Remake

Brittany O'Grady is one of the more seasoned young actors in the remake of Black Christmas, coming out this week. Having starred for three years on the hit TV show Star, she has no problem

Black Christmas Interview: Director Sophia Takal On Remaking The Classic Slasher Flick

Sophia Takal makes her studio film debut as a director with a new, socially relevant take on the slasher classic Black Christmas. With a couple independent features under her belt as a helmer, she here

Black Christmas Interview: Screenwriter April Wolfe On Her Love Of The Original And The PG-13 Rating

April Wolfe makes her feature film screenwriting debut with the new remake of Black Christmas. Having recently written and directed a short film called Widower, she is more well known as a film critic for

Black Christmas Interview: Lily Donoghue On Appreciating The Horror Genre

Lily Donoghue might be familiar to viewers of such shows as The Goldbergs, Halt and Catch Fire or Dirty John. This weekend though, she makes her big screen debut in the new remake of the

Black Christmas Interview: Star Aleyse Shannon On The Feminist Update On The Horror Classic

Newcomer Aleyse Shannon stars in the new feminist update on the horror classic Black Christmas. Her character, Kris, is a politically engaged college student who joins up with her fellow sorority mates to take on

Black Christmas Is Upon Us In Remake’s New Trailer

I’ll admit that the original Black Christmas was one of those slasher flicks that completely eluded me for the longest time. And I don’t mean in that I never got around to it, but that