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The Untold Relationship Between Comic Books And Casinos

Over the last century, comics have become a much-loved source of entertainment around the world. Characters, first developed for comic books, comic strips and graphic novels, have been adapted for the big screen and become

Social Media Reactions For Loki Season 2 – What Do The Critics Think?

As we normally do, today is social media embargo day for Loki and we have reactions for Loki Season 2. As per usual I will round up a selection of comments I have found online

James Gunn Is Writing Peacemaker Season 2 And It Will Address DCU Switch

DC co-boss James Gunn is currently writing Peacemaker Season 2 and confirms it will address the DCU switch. Gunn, as he does took to social media platform Threads to answer some fan questions. In response

Ahsoka Finale Runtime Revealed And It’s Average For the Series

The Ahsoka finale runtime has been revealed and it's pretty average for the rest of the series. Whilst this is not official information it does come from a source whom I've never seen make a

Avengers: Secret Wars Is A Mission To Fix The Kang Dynasty Defeat | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz, Avengers: Secret Wars is a mission to fix a defeat in The Kang Dynasty. The rumor comes from insider MTTSH who has been posting a lot of Secret Wars

Skyler Gisondo For Jimmy Olsen Plus Jor’El Information From Superman: Legacy | Barside Buzz

The latest piece of Superman: Legacy Barside Buzz rumors Skyler Gisondo for Jimmy Olsen plus has some Jor'El information. As always, this is just a rumor for now and it comes from the r/DCEULeaks subreddit.

Marvel To Hear Pitches For X-Men Movie Plus Some Barside Buzz Says No Wolverine At First

According to Deadline, Marvel are set to hear pitches for an MCU X-Men movie soon, plus some Barside Buzz that there will be no Wolverine at first in the team. Let's start with the trade

Roger Ross Williams Discussed Mother And Son Relationship In Cassandro | Exclusive

Roger Ross Williams takes us back to the 80s-90s era of lucha libre in Cassandro. With the story of Saúl Armendáriz and how he became a favorite Exótico in the Lucha Libre world. Portrayed by

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episodes 1 & 2 Reactions | AVR2

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Episodes 1 & 2 Reactions | AVR2 What happens after the big bad is destroyed and the party retires? What would time passing be like for a near immortal being such

A GREAT Episode! The Wheel Of Time S2 Episode 7 Review | TDR

A GREAT Episode! The Wheel Of Time S2 Episode 7 Review | TDR The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills and a wind whips through LRM & The GenreVerse towers that speaks in whispers. The