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Greg Kwedar And Clint Bentley Cover The Struggles Of A Jockey [Exclusive Interview]

The filmmaker, Clint Bentley, brings a little bit about his childhood in his new film, Jockey. With Greg Kwedar as a co-writer to put together the touching story of life behind the race tracks. Starring Clifton

Clifton Collins Jr. And Molly Parker Talk About Their Work In Jockey [Exclusive Interview]

Clifton Collins Jr. and Molly Parker are part of the new Sony Classics, Jockey. A story of what takes place behind the race track and how the life of a jockey can be very limited.

Jockey Trailer Has Horse Rider on One Last Push

Championship horses get all the glory, while the jockeys seem to be forgotten. In Jockey, Clifton Collins Jr. star as horse rider athlete attempting to continue his career while his body detoriates and with a