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Good God, The Crow Just WON’T DIE!

The Crow is like that roach in your kitchen that just. Won’t. Die. No matter how many times the projects falls apart, Sony just keeps trying to pick it up again and again. Before it

The Crow Loses Its Director And Star Jason Momoa

The Crow is one of those films that just can't get a break. For years, this project has been in the works in some form or another, and just when it seems to be gaining

The Crow Director Doesn’t Think The Remake Should Happen

For years, The Crow has been a film that has remained in development hell. Directors and actors have cycled in and out of the film like passengers at Grand Central, and only recently has it

Jason Momoa Ready For The Crow Reboot

By God, it seems like The Crow reboot may actually happen this time around. For years we’ve been reporting on the long-gestating Crow reboot, but in all honesty, I was personally never sure it would

The Crow Reboot Set Start Pre-Production Early Next Year?

We’re getting more signs of life for The Crow reboot. In an interview with ScreenGeek, James O’Barr, The Crow creator, gave an update on the status for the film, saying: “As of right now, it’s slated