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Wheel Of Time Season 3 Leaks Suggest Potential Big Change From Books For Matt | Barside Buzz

Some fantasy Barside Buzz today as new Wheel of Time Season 3 leaks suggest potentially big change from the books for Matt. Before we get to the information, let's state the obvious. There could be

Dónal Finn Teases Costume Changes For Matt In Wheel Of Time Season 3

Dónal Finn teases important costume changes for Matt in The Wheel of Time Season 3. Finn recently spoke with Collider about the still filming Season 3. Fan of the books will know that Matt ends

Wheel Of Time Prequel The Age of Legends Finds Director In Kari Skogland

The Wheel of Time prequel The Age of Legends finds a director in Kari Skogland. Frankly I'm surprised it has got this far. Deadline reports that Skogland who directed The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Olivia Williams Cast As Queen Morgase In The Wheel Of Time Season 3 | Barside Buzz

According to the latest fantasy Barside Buzz, Olivia Williams has been cast as Queen Morgase in The Wheel of Time Season 3. It has not been confirmed Williams is definitely playing Morgase! Hence the Barside

Leaked Audition Scripts For Wheel Of Time Season 3 Preview Two Rivers Plot | Barside Buzz

Some recently leaked audition scripts for The Wheel of Time Season 3 seem to preview the Two Rivers plot. Season 3 is close to finishing production with only one or two more location shoots to

Wheel Of Time Season 3 Casting Update For Minor Roles

Today we are sharing a Wheel of Time Season 3 casting update, though it's only for some minor roles. The information comes from WOTSeries, however it's based on actual journalism not leaks as such. There

Wheel Of Time Season 2 Viewing Figures May Be Better Than First Thought

Fans hoping for news of a Wheel of time Season 4 may be pleased as The Wheel of Time Season 2 viewing figures may be better than first thought. According to Neilson ratings, The Wheel

Wheel Of Time Predictions For Season 3 – BOOK SPOILERS

I figured it was a good time to have some The Wheel of Time predictions for Season 3. I'll stress up front that I have read the books. Ergo, this is not an article designed

A GREAT Episode! The Wheel Of Time S2 Episode 7 Review | TDR

A GREAT Episode! The Wheel Of Time S2 Episode 7 Review | TDR The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills and a wind whips through LRM & The GenreVerse towers that speaks in whispers. The

Wheel Of Time/God Of War Showrunner Not Worried About Pressure Of Making Both Shows

The Wheel of Time and God of War showrunner Rafe Judkins is not worried about the pressures of making both shows at the same time. So far God of War is still in early development.