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Transformers: EarthSpark | Zion Broadnax, Kathreen Khavari, Sydney Mikayla, and Zeno Robinson Interview

In the new animated series Transformers: EarthSpark, the recurring theme in every episode is about a family with both the Transformers and the humans. The series introduces a newfound friendship between human siblings of Robby

Paramount+’s Transformers: EarthSpark | Ant Ward and Dale Malinowski Interview

For co-executive producers Ant Ward and Dale Malinowski have worked on several iconic animated projects, and landing the next Transformers series with Transformers: EarthSpark for Paramount+ is a childhood dream comes true. The animated series

Paramount+’s Transformers: EarthSpark Carpet Interviews

Transformers are back as animation for the new generation with Transformers: EarthSpark on Paramount+. The Autobots and Decepticons united after a long war, but now they’re facing a new mysterious adversary. The new animated series