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Barbara Hershey and Nicholas Alexander On Nursing Home Terror in The Manor [Exclusive Interview]

Barbara Hershey is quite familiar with horror films. The Manor on Amazon Prime is a different type of terror as she plays a senior with dementia haunted by a creature lurking in the dark. Only

Bruce Davison Talks The Horrors of Aging in The Manor [Exclusive Interview]

The biggest fear for everyone is getting old. People pay a steep price in the aging process and face unfathomable horrors in a senior home in Amazon’s The Manor. Well, mainly something that lurks in

Ariana Guerra on Immigrant Horror Story Madres [Exclusive Interview]

Horror movies come in many forms with ghost stories, slasher films, or even someone psychologically. The scariest stories in the horror genre are the ones based on real actual events and true stories. In Madres

Adriana Barraza, Richard Brake and Joshua Caleb Johnson on Amazon’s Bingo Hell [Exclusive Interview]

Greed places many of us into our darkest desires. With those dark desires, it will become the death of us. Even in a simple game of bingo, people yearn to win some cash. However, when

Fabrizio Guido, Mason Beauchamp and Craig Tate on Vampire Movie Amazon’s Black as Night [Exclusive Interview]

New Orleans has such a rich long history—it has to be a haven for vampires. As part of the second season of Welcome to Blumhouse series, Black as Night serves as an urban vampire with