– by Campbell Clark

The Terminator reboot has moved full steam ahead since it was announced. After the laughably bad and financial dire Terminator: Genisys, the rights to the Terminator franchise have reverted back to James Cameron somewhat. He did not waste any time announcing a reboot of the franchise under the direction of Tim Miller.

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The title of this film at the moment is simply Terminator or Terminator 6 until we know different and it is currently shooting in Spain. We only know some small details about this movie, both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton are said to be returning. We also know some of the new cast members as you will see in the related section above, and that the movie has a new ‘face’ in the form of Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049).

Now Just Jared has shared a BTS photo of Mackenzie Davis in costume on Instagram.

How and why Davis becomes the new face of the franchise is unclear, but by looking at the photo above, I’m sure you can probably work out a few things. For one I am putting my money right now on Davis being a future soldier sent back in time for whatever reason this time. If you look at the scarring and wounds, short hair etc. Davis looks like a soldier to me, some have suggested she could also be a Terminator, but I think those look like old scars, not fresh ones.

Is Davis taking on the Kyle Reece role in this reboot? Will this be a complete reboot from the start, or follow on from Terminator and Terminator 2?

Feel free to share your best guesswork in the comments section below. Terminator 6 is due for release on November 22 in 2019.

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SOURCE: Just Jared