THAT Dark Phoenix ‘X-Women’ Clip

Dark Phoenix has already been taking hits prior to its release.  Whether it has been initial critic’s reviews, or the 22% Rotten Tomatoes score, things haven’t looked great for the film.  The main issue people site is the inconsistencies with the writing.  One case in point that has brought a large amount of criticism is Mystique’s “X-Women” line, which can be seen above.

For me, and many others, this isn’t about a social justice / feminist standpoint, but a writing standpoint.  Do you want to have a strong, female character to make an impact?  That can be done.  Look at Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman.  Those two characters showed just how strong and present females are, and it was done in a commanding, well thought out, well-written manner.

Dark Phoenix, on the other hand, looks to force the idea.  The line, first of all, doesn’t have anything to do with what she and the Professor are talking about.  Also, it doesn’t make sense anyway.  She is talking about Professor X not sacrificing anything…the paraplegic in a wheelchair who started the group, as well as “the women always saving the men around here”.  If this is truly the route they wanted to go, fine, but then they should have had someone else primarily save the people in the mansion (as well as Raven herself), not Quicksilver…who is a male.

Also, maybe make Storm an actual character rather than just mixing her into the background. Let’s also not forget that in the last film Mystique triumphantly told everyone that they were no longer students and that they “were X-Men!”, but now she refers to them as kids again, yet there is a good decade difference…

 There is a way to go about projecting an idea, and it starts with good writing. Captain Marvel was clearly the focal character as was Wonder Woman who had Steve Trevor rightfully play second fiddle to her, but the Dark Phoenix clip shows what has been the downfall of the recent X-Men franchise: lazy, forced writing. If anything, I feel the line actually hurts any type of female empowerment because it is forced and doesn’t make sense in the context, which makes people either not take the statement seriously, or for some, not even go see the film.

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What do you think of the clip?  Is it fine and people just need to relax and are making something out of nothing?  Or, is it justification for some of the poor reviews it has been getting?  Do you still plan on seeing the film, or were you not planning on seeing it and this is the last straw?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Dark Phoenix hits theaters June 7.

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