The Angel on the Clock: Laura Flores Interview [Exclusive]

El Angel en el Reloj or The Angel in the Clock is a animated film for all ages that reminds you to enjoy the ‘here’ and ‘now.’

Amelia is child battling Leukemia who at all times is optimistic and doesn’t let her sickness put her down. Instead is obsessed in pausing time to enjoy every second of life.

The voice cast includes Leonardo de Lozanne, Erick Elias, Laura Flores and Camila Sodi. It is directed by Miguel Angel Uriegas.

LRM Online had a telephone interview with Laura Flores on her participation in this animated project. Flores had a chance to discuss with us on the awareness of those suffering cancer. She voices Amelia’s mother named Ana.

Flores is best known for her work on Telenovelas and television series. She had appeared in Mi Familia PerfectaLady of SteelLa FanReina de Corazones and En Otra Piel.

El Angel en el Reloj  or The Angel in the Clock is out on Pantaya today.

This interview was conducted in Spanish and translated to English for LRM readers. Read the transcript of the exclusive interview with Laura Flores below.

Laura Flores: Did you see the film?

LRM: Yes, I had a chance to check it out. What attracted you to doing animation? I am used to seeing you in Telenovelas or TV series.

Laura Flores: I loved being able to do this movie, because it was completely different. [It’s very] different to everything I have done. In fact, it is different compared to the films out right now. Of course, the animation is different and this one doesn’t compete to Disney. I celebrated that St. Jude considered this film to speak about cancer, because not everyone is fully conscience [about it]. Those that are not in that world live oblivious of it. And some see these patients like ‘weird bugs’ and excuse the expression. This film is promotes conscience of others with health problems to be respectful of their sickness and issues with it.

LRM: Unfortunately, it is the case for some. Has cancer affected you directly in any way with any of your loved ones?

Laura Flores: Not of cancer, however, I did see my parents pass away due to sickness. The sickness that causes a death is the least issue. It is the pain that counts and making you feel incompetent of not being able to do anything against it. What I liked of this film that you may have noticed that its promotes a positive attitude of being a warrior. In no way, [it’s promoting] the feeling defeated. On the contrary, it’s to keep going and to fight. That is what I loved about this film. I loved it! In this film, you see a little girl who is a warrior, that keep going forward and doesn’t give up. This little girl, Amelia, ends up educating her parents who are very concerned end up being over protective. They learn that Amelia doesn’t need pitty. She needs compassion. There is a big difference between pity and compassion.

LRM: I looked forward to seeing this film since my mom is a cancer survivor, also Leukemia. So I had some emotions into watching it.  It’s fortunate for those that don’t have had the close experience of cancer.

Laura Flores: I am glad you understood this film. This is a material that is in your favor for you or someone else as form of encouragement.

LRM: Yes, like you said to alert people and be more conscience of cancer.

Laura Flores: Yes, of course cause we can’t live oblivious of what is going on with people living with cancer.

LRM: Do you feel like Latin cinema is limited to informative films?

Laura Flores: All film in general just has the function to entertaining. We need more film with a cause. Imagine this project with a cause. It’s difficult to work with the current of films that’s only focus is to entertain with science fiction, special effects, promoting sex, comedy, drama while this film has none of that. It’s a real challenge.

LRM: In the film there is a part that says, ‘Time is too valuable to be toying with it’  How do you feel about that as this film is about time?

Laura Flores: It’s cause time is the one thing that will never come back. Health can return. A good love goes away. Another one will come. Money can come back. Time won’t. Not sure if you agree with me.

LRM: I do. Everything pretty much comes and goes unfortunately. What was the advantage of doing animation versus to being behind camera?

Laura Flores: It was felt kinda weird. [Laughs] But, super cool! It was like a shock at first to be in a squared space, but kind of cool. I’m not seeing the product of myself physically. I see a cartoon figure with my voice. But I really felt like it was me! Then it wasn’t just a cartoon figure. It was a character.

LRM: So you did all the recording alone?

Laura Flores: Each actor had its own call time. We all had a voice acting couch. Each coach focused on one character. Thanks to the magic of technology we all did our own recording individually. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to see each other. Otherwise, I am sure it would have been blast.

LRM: What message do you hope the viewers get after watching this film?

Laura Flores: The message is to just to make conscience and not live in a isolated world. [It’s] to be aware of  what is happening to the one next you. Appreciate, be considerate, and connect with others. Even trees connect for God’s sake. We are not isolated planets. We need to be connected and communicated. This film is communicating about something that happens to people in real life. But in a positive, informative approach, not as a victim. You usually have a  victim in a film. Not this film, this film has warriors and is inspirational.

LRM: Moving on a little about the The Angel In The Clock, I had a chance to see you on the morning show Un Nuevo Dia on Telemundo while you were filling in for one of the hosts. By the way, you were great! You’re a natural! So would you ever consider it a regular gig?  Or anything you can share for this year?

Laura Flores: I really appreciate it. Telemundo knows that they can count on me. I love the show and is super fun! I got along with everyone and we had a great time together. I hope there is something in the future. For now, I am doing theater with Ernesto LaGuardia, Patricìa Reyes Espindola and Aylìn Mujica. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

LRM: What’s the name of the play?

Laura Flores: A Moved Dinner

LRM: Any other projects you have for this year?

Laura Flores: I have something in the works with Pantaya for mid-year. But I can’t really discuss since we are still in the works.

El Angel En El Reloj or The Angel In The Clock is available on Pantaya today.

Source: LRM Online Exclusive

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