The Bad Batch Head Writer Breaks Down The Team Dynamics

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Jennifer Corbett, The Bad Batch head writer recently had an interview with where she broke down the team dynamics of Clone Force 99. So here is how Corbett views each member of The Bad Batch on their Season 1 journey.

First up the tragic antagonist role of,


The Bad Batch

“We started feeling like the best villain for this team is someone that knows them really well. Who’s someone who can really pose a threat to them? And it’s Crosshair, because it’s not just that he’s sided with the Empire, he’s also their brother. And it’s not an easy villain to defeat because they don’t want to fight him. It just made it more heartbreaking having it happen immediately in the pilot episode.”

“It’s exciting that I get to continue that story and tell a little bit more about what happens to the clones. That’s why I feel bad for Crosshair and all the clones. He didn’t have a choice. The chip was planted and none of them have a say in what they did. He’s an interesting character. I can’t wait for you to see where it goes.”


The Bad Batch

“It would have been too easy for them to not have chips,” Corbett notes. “It also wouldn’t have made sense. Because if you have clones who are known to disobey orders, of course you want a chip to put in them. But also, it makes sense that the chips start to become defective because of their mutations.” As the writers tried to define “who’s the ticking timebomb?” it became clear that the biggest emotional impact would come from turning the muscular Wrecker against his family. “With Wrecker, he’s the guy that has the biggest heart and he connects with Omega the most because he’s her age, in a sense,” Corbett says.

“He’s such a big kid, he’s the goofy big brother who will carry you on his shoulders, he’s the one that’s always going to be the first one to join in anything Omega does, he has a more childlike mentality to him.” But don’t let that fool you into thinking Wrecker isn’t as intelligent as his brothers. “He’s very smart, especially when it comes to things that he knows, like weapons,” Corbett says. “We saw some of that when he’s teaching Omega things. It’s fun getting him to be ‘Professor Wrecker.’” And of the elite soldiers, Wrecker has the highest emotional intelligence, Corbett says, as evidenced by the way he set up Omega’s room and gifted his beloved tooka doll, Lula, to her. “He realizes that she needs certain things that the others don’t even think about. Big brother Wrecker is clutch.”


The Bad Batch

“He’s just so matter of fact. There’s no malice to anything he says, or positivity or negativity. He’s just going to tell it to you straight. He won’t sugarcoat anything, even for Omega. That’s why it’s fun to watch him and Wrecker together.”



“Omega was kept on Kamino and had a very sort of solitary life and Echo was kept by the Separatists on Skako Minor. And while both those captivities were very different, I think the two of them struggle the most with their identity and finding what their purpose is. They feel like they were meant for something more.” They also provide the moral center of the group.

“I love Echo so much because he’s our wounded warrior, who is so decent and wants to fight for everyone and help everyone. He and Omega see people in need and try to convince everybody else that this is the right thing to do. Not that the rest of the Batch don’t care, but the way they were raised they go from mission to mission and don’t take unnecessary risks. Sometimes you need to take those risks.”



“He takes on the responsibility of not only leading this team in trying to survive, but also this child,” Corbett says. “The connection that the two of them has helped develop who he is.”

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It’s always interesting to get the head writer’s take on the characters. It lets you know what they think of each, and where they may develop going forward. I must admit that after initially seeing Clone Force 99 within The Clone Wars show, I wasn’t sure if they could pull this off. However so far I find myself rather enjoying even the filler episodes so far. Though, the show seems to be elevated to another level whenever Crosshair and the Imp’s are involved. Hey, I like darker stories in Star Wars.

What do you think of The Bad Batch head writer Jennifer Corbett’s take on her characters?

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