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The Best Parts Of That Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

We here at LRM Online are having a hell of a time with the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. Sure, we may have had a palate cleanser of a film in the form of Ant-Man in the Wasp, but all anyone is still talking about is the damn Decimation that eliminates everyone from existence…including one Peter Parker. So it’s kinda nice that we got this sort of happy-go-lucky film that capitalizes on the tone established in that first film.

To me, this is easily the best trailer we’ve had for a 2019 Marvel Studios film so far, including Avengers: Endgame. Yes, you heard that right — I’m a sucker for a lighthearted tone, I’ll admit. With that in mind, I figured I’d talk a bit about the different parts of the trailer I loved and why. Near the end, our own Kyle Malone will also drop in his two cents about the big Mysterio reveal in the trailer, as he’s far more qualified than I to discuss.

That Aunt May x Happy Hogan Sexual Tension

Happy Hogan has always been a fun grumpy side character, but in Spider-Man: Homecoming, that grumpy aspect really got dialed up to 11. But I’m still happy they’re managing to keep him, of all people, relevant in this ever-expanding universe, and the idea to match him up with Aunt May is perfect. Plus, given his relationship with Peter, it adds in a healthy amount of comedy. Just how awkward would this make Peter’s entire existence? Anything that makes the kid uncomfortable is fine by me.

It’s also the first time in Spider-Man film that we’ve seen the first hints of Aunt May having a romantic life outside of Uncle Ben. Recently, in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse we got some hints that she wanted another guy in her life, but it’s pretty cool that Marvel can be hinting at them actually giving her a chance to be happy outside of Peter. Keep on evolving this universe, Marvel! Great work!

The Continuation Of M.J.’s Dry Humor

M.J. is no Mary Jane Watson. Spider-Man: Homecoming made that point very clear with Zendaya’s take on the beloved character, and other than the name, they are boldly continuing in that direction with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Rather than going for a standard Peter Parker love story, we have this incredibly smart, incredibly awkward girl that feels much more real than any live-action Peter Parker romance thus far. At least to me.

In the past, we’ve had our superheroes really go after sort of the obvious choice in terms or romantic interest. Liz was that obvious choice in the previous film, and I like the way they’re building this relationship — around really uncomfortable interactions. Sure, there have been plenty of situations where Peter’s done some odd things around his love interests, but this is the first time I can remember those roles being kinda reversed. That delivery of “you look pretty too” line was spot-on and the way it flustered Peter was even more hilarious. I’m rooting for these two.

The Return of Nick Fury

Poor Spidey can’t catch a break, even while on vacation. In the middle of his romance talks with Ned, Fury sort of takes charge of things, and this seems to set things up for Act 2 of the film. That being said, his connection with all that’s happening seems to be just a tad unclear. Is he there because of the Elementals stuff going on and is he working with Mysterio? Finally, what is it that brought him to Peter in the first place? So many questions!

There are some theories going around that this isn’t actually going to be Nick Fury, but I don’t think we know quite enough to really run with that assumption. Either way, I’m happy to see this character still alive and kicking even after The Decimation — though, based on what we’ve seen so far, this could have easily taken place before that happened.

Okay, so I brought up Mysterio already, so probably time to dive into that aspect of the trailer properly. For that, I’ll hand the mic over to Kyle Malone.


MYSTERIO!!! This is a moment I have been dying to see since 2002. I was always a fan of Spider-Man and Mysterio fighting in the comics and cartoons. Some of the best quips and insults Spidey ever had come at the expense of the man in the fishbowl helmet. After no Mysterio in Raimi’s trilogy, no Mysterio in Webb’s two films, and no Mysterio in Spider-Man: Homecoming, I had almost lost hope. After the announcement he would be in the next film, I couldn’t wait. I had all the faith in the world that Marvel would do this right, and show Sony they were wrong to fear using this villain. The first leaked set photos increased my excitement, but now… Euphoria!

Our first look at Mysterio is great! He comes in with his classic green smoke/fog wearing a very MCU set of armor. He projects some sort of energy at one of the film’s elemental baddies before we see him flying around on a cloud while WEARING THE HELMET! If you look closely you can see shapes in the smoke his energy blasts are coming from. Could he be casting spells? They do look a lot like the shapes in the spells from Doctor Strange. Basically, without know the story, this is PERFECT. Marvel has never really shied away from their source material costumes, and they sure as hell aren’t starting here.

We don’t know how long Mysterio is in the movie, but it does look like he’ll be helping the wall-crawler for a bit. All I know is I have been waiting for this on-screen interaction, and it better not disappoint. I’m just going to put my trust in Marvel, they haven’t let me down yet…

What were some of your favorite parts of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer? Let us know down below!

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