– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Ever since 1977 when A New Hope premiered in theaters Stormtroopers have been a mainstay in the Star Wars Universe.  This group of soldiers has inspired thousands if not millions of people around the world to wear the suit with pride.  Without a doubt Stormtroopers have also provided some of the best comic relief throughout the Star Wars Saga.  The popularity of Stormtroopers have increased especially with A-List celebrities like Daniel Craign donning the costume in The Force Awakens.  The guys at LRM thought it would be great to go back through and pick out the best Stormtrooper death scenes from the original trilogy.  We went through watching the original trilogy and picked these for deaths as the best ones.  All four brought a sense of laughter when we sat down an re-watched the original films.  The fifth death scene is what inspired us to do this article.  Let us know below if there is another Stormtrooper death scene we should’ve included.


From The Battle of Endor there were so many to choose from since the entire battle was the Galactic Army being taken down by a tribe of Ewoks.  This scene below summed up The Battle of Endor the best.  The force of the Ewoks is so light that any normal man could’ve withstood this attack.  The actor playing the lead Stormtrooper gave an over dramatic performance which is why we loved this scene so much. 


From Empire Strikes Back during the escape from Bespin, Leia takes out a Stormtrooper in the worst possible spot.  Take a good look where her blaster shot hits the Stormtrooper.  That’s right in the sweet spot.  It is only understandable for a Stormtrooper to be down for the count after that shot.   


Also from Empire Strikes Back during the escape from Bespin, Leia takes out another Stormtrooper.  In this case this Stormtrooper never played Call of Duty or Halo cause he would’ve have known not to rush around any corners.  My favorite part of this scene is the Stormtrooper in the back, he immediately steps back for cover not caring one bit about his fellow soldier.


The one that started it all.  From A New Hope when Luke and Leia are stuck on the bridge a shootout occurs giving us one of the greatest death scenes of all time.  This Stormtrooper takes a shot to the arm and falls gracefully to his death.  The big controversy behind this death is the Stormtrooper directly behind the one that gets shot.  When it goes widescreen it looks like the Stormtrooper in the back gives a slight nudge to send the Stormtrooper in the front to his death.


So this is the scene that started that got us talking at LRM.  From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story there were three things that really stood out for us.  First, taken right from The Karate Kid Jynn Erso pulls a Cobra Kai and sweeps the leg of the Stormtrooper.  Unfortuanately Mr. Miyagi wasn’t around to instantly heal the Stormtroopers leg. Second, we noticed the Stormtrooper on the bench looks as if he is taking a nap.  He is resting perfectly on the bench as if he sat down to take a five minute nap and when he wakes up all his Stormtrooper comrades will be dead.  Also the squirming Stormtrooper out of view but his legs and feet give an over dramatic 

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