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It’s taken a few seasons, but The CW’s The Flash finally gets the classic costume right when it returns this fall with another iteration of the Scarlett Speedster’s uniform — the best one yet, in my opinion. Let’s be honest, some of the early versions were barely passable cosplay, though they nailed the helmet/cowl — fortunately, Grant Gustin  completely inhabited the role that it was easy to overlook the baggy, wrinkled design from the show’s early episodes.

In all fairness, these early costumes emphasized practicality and technology — Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) intentionally built their prototype to withstand the incredible speeds that The Flash was capable of traveling. So, while a bit ugly at first, the costume reflected the show’s start-up identity. Now that the S.T.A.R. Labs team has formed into a (mostly) well-oiled machine, their latest revision bears a lot more style and polish.

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Screen Rant just posted an Instagram image of the new The Flash costume, and they’re really leaning into its comic book roots:

The new suit on the mannequin! Credit: @lacosacine #grantgust #grantgustin #barryallen #theflash

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The red and yellow colors are much more saturated, there are plenty of lightning bolt accents, and finally a proper pair of boots (in Season 1 and 2 the footwear largely resembled your Mom’s Zumba sneakers). The mesh elements have also been replaced, the costume is now entirely leather… but yet it still looks a bit baggy (in fairness, Gustin is still pretty slight of build).

The costume from Seasons 1 and 2 looked a little too homemade for many fans.


Overall, this is a solid improvement for The Flash, and compares well to recent costume upgrades on Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow too. The CW knows their DC Comics and have stepped-up production quality across the board. Let’s hope the storytelling in The Flash Season 4 keeps pace with the general design aesthetic.

Does a poor quality superhero costume detract from your enjoyment of The Flash or are costumes unimportant to you? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Screen Rant

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