– by Joseph Jammer Medina

What a great time to be a Stephen King fan. While we’ve never been wanting for adaptations of the prolific author’s work, this coming year seems to be an especially delicious treat. Not only will we be getting another film based on the iconic horror novel IT, but we’ll also be getting a film based on the ever-popular DARK TOWER series.

This ambitious project, while currently just a single film, will be something of a mix between a greatest hits of all the stuff in the novel, as well as a sequel to it. Pending the success of this first entry (which is being produced as a standalone picture), we can potentially get more of these movies down the line. Admittedly, it all sounds incredibly risky and confusing, but filmmakers have done crazier things in the past, and every now and then these ideas do work out, so I’ll reserve judgment until then.

But with the film already set to hit theaters in February of next year — a mere six months away at this point — when can we expect to see the first footage from the film?

Based on the official page forthe EW PopFest event, it sounds like fans will be getting their first taste of THE DARK TOWER film at this event, which takes place October 29-30 in Los Angeles. I’m assuming that once this footage has been dropped at EW PopFest that it’ll also hit one of the official studio pages on YouTube, but that’s admittedly a big assumption on my part, as some studios are starting to take these types of events very seriously as far as giving fans their money’s worth, and going the extra mile to make sure the footage is exclusive.

The event itself is described as follows on the official website:

“Come face-to-face with your TV hero, be the first to see MOVIE footage and hear behind-the-scenes stories from the director and cast, check out top bands sampling a variety of MUSIC, listen to popular authors read from this year’s biggest BOOKS, dive into cutting-edge GAMING and Virtual Realty experiences, plus much more!”

For those curious about the other programming this event has, check out the snapshot below!

I have to say, I’m a bit more than nervous about the footage we’ll be getting from THE DARK TOWER. While I’ve only read THE GUNSLINGER (and even that I read a good decade ago), I am a Stephen King fan, and I know a good amount of his page count is loads of character development. Oftentimes one of the first casualties in his lesser film adaptations is the development of these characters. Let’s hope that in an effort to make this “greatest hits” of THE DARK TOWER that they didn’t lose the essence of the characters.

Are you excited to finally get a look at some of the film — assuming they do  release it to the general public? Let us know your thoughts down below!

THE DARK TOWER hits theaters on February 17, 2017.

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