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Barry and Iris have been the “will they, won’t they” couple of The Flash since its first season. Can these two brother-sister-type duo manage to rise above their mildly incestuous relationship and actually be a thing? More importantly, would Barry — once he finally makes the move — manage to NOT erase those romantic moments using those abilities?

Near the beginning of this past season, Barry lamented that he’d managed to kiss Iris twice, and he also managed to erase both moments from existence. Well, it sounds like that won’t be a problem in this coming season of The Flash.

According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, these two will finally get hitched.

“They are finally going to get married this season and then it’s going to be: Can they stay married with everything that’s coming up against them?”

That’s a great question. As poor Caitlin Snow has experienced on more than one occasion, superhero life and relationships don’t always work out. Sometimes they result in your fiancé getting killed twice.

Heck, the ending of Season 3 of the show saw Barry jumping back into the Speed Force. While we didn’t for a second think he’d actually be gone for good, if Iris doesn’t realize the risks after that, then she never well.

So is this a good thing? I’d have to say yes. While it still is a bit weird that the pair are kind of brother and sister, their relationship was never a huge question mark. Better to get it out of the way now so we can spend less screen time on them wondering.

That being said, it won’t all be easy and breezy for the two. Apparently, they’ll also end up in couples therapy.

“Barry and Iris keep comically clashing inadvertently because she’s used to being in charge, and he’s used to being in charge, and so they wind up going to couples therapy to work through it. The two of them with the therapist is some of the funniest stuff we have ever done on this show, but it also leads to a deepening of their relationship.”

What do you think of this? Do you think putting these two together was the right move? Let us know your thoughts down below!

The Flash returns to The CW this October 10 at 8/7c!

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