– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Disclaimer: This post contains minor spoilers for Season 3 of he Flash.

At the end of Season 2 of The Flash, Barry found himself inside the Speed Force, the sentient extra-dimensional energy that gave him his power. In the Kevin Smith-directed episode of the series, Barry found himself once again coming to grips with the loss of his mother, and the way it shaped his entire existence. Once he had finally accepted her death, he was able to catch the mysterious figure he’d been chasing, gain his speed back, and head back to the world of the living.

The episode itself was very sweet and was an emotional ride to those following. As mysterious as the Speed Force was, it was clear that it had Barry’s best intentions in mind. However, it looks like Barry will be taking another trip into the Speed Force, and when he does so, it may not be so kind to him this time around.

Speaking with EW, actor Grant Gustin discussed how differently the Speedster is treated this time around:

“The Speed Force takes a little bit more of an aggressive approach with Barry, just because of choices that have been made since the end of season 2 leading up to where we’re at now. They use different characters that will get under Barry’s skin in a different way, but also they’re just not quite as understanding anymore because of how many decisions Barry has made that have affected time and affected the timeline. So it’s a pretty different Speed Force experience than last year.”

In Season 2, Barry pretty much saw the faces of those he loves, but in this upcoming episode, the Speed Force will manifest itself in the forms of those he failed like Ronnie and Eddie, both of whom were killed in previous episodes of show. While I wouldn’t say these characters died as a result of Barry’s actions, I do think he’s done enough damage to warrant a little kick in the pants.

Indeed, Season 3 so far of The Flash can be summed up as “the season where Barry’s poor decisions come to a head.” At the tail end of Season 2, we saw him foolishly go back in time and save his mother. For a good month, he spent his time living in an alternate reality before realizing that it was his old world he needed to return to. While he did his best, and the world was still 95 percent the same as his old one, the fact is that his choices created irreparable changes to his timeline.

This seems to be a big trend of Barry’s — acting without thinking, and it’s about time the Speed Force knocks some sense into him. Now, with Wally trapped in the Speed Force, Barry will have some tough decisions to make. Will he be able to sacrifice himself and bring Wally back? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Flash Season 3 episode “Into the Speed Force” hits The CW tonight at 8/7c.

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