– by Mark Cook

Last week’s episode of The Flash was a nice change-up from what fans had been given so far in Season 4.  Will this week’s episode continue to pick up where it left off last week?  Will Ralph Dibny become a permanent member of the team?

Read on to find out.

Killer Frost Makes An Appearance At Girl’s Night — Fleicity stops by for Iris’ bachelorette party.  Nothing like Felicity overload. While the girls are at dinner viewers are reminded, yet again, that Felicity and Oliver are back together (they are really pushing this). The mysterious individual Caitlyn used to work with at the bar arrives and reveals that he is a meta while demanding her return.  What is his power?  A tentacle eye…Caitlyn transforms into Killer Frost in order to defeat the man.

Frost tracks him down, and it is revealed that she worked for a woman named Amunet, who uses other metas for her own gain.  She helped Frost with a “cure”, and required her to be her muscle in return. As there is a confrontation between the two, Iris steps in to break it up.  Why? This didn’t make sense.  She has now clearly made herself a target.  This week’s episode feels a little like last week’s episode of Arrow. The female leads seem to be taking the focus. While this can be good, it seems forced here. I am still confused as to why/how Iris works at STAR Labs. What does she honestly bring to the team aside from being Barry’s voice of reason?  She’s usually on the computers, but Caitlyn, Cisco, and Wells are more than capable in this area.

Amunet and Frost have a showdown, which was lacking.  Frost taking the hits from Amunet was poorly executed and looked down right bad.  Viewers have at least been given more of an understanding as to what happened with Caitlyn/Frost since the end of Season 3.  The ladies go to save a meta from Amunet since the boys are locked up.  Why in the world would someone give Felicity a freeze gun?  Do Felicity and Iris think that because their significant others are heroes, then they must be as well?  They could be, but the reason this lacks excitement is because they have no training whatsoever.

Laurel Lance from Arrow had more training in her three weeks of boxing. The frustrating part about this is that instead of making this individuals strong, powerful women, they end up coming across as damsels in distress when they fail. Also, why would they let the meta they saved go without a chase?  They usually interact with all the metas they save/apprehend, but they let him run away for The Thinker to find (more on this later…).  This goes back to justifying why they don’t work in the field at this moment.  They are not trained. Iris at least does finish as the voice of reason for Caitlyn. At the end of the episode, Caitlyn looks as if she can control her powers and begins to explain her story to the team.

Guy’s Night — Barry’s bachelor party starts with a bang as they sit around and watch videos of Barry as a child.  Not quite like the bachelor parties I’ve been to, but to each their own. Dibny shows up, to the surprise of everyone, and takes the guys to a strip…I mean dancing club, where Cecile’s daughter is seen dancing.  She explains that she is doing it to expose the male dominance in society, and she is writing about the female experience.   It fits in with the empowerment tone of the episode, yet also seems random. Cisco also makes Barry a concoction so that he can drink for the night, which gets him wasted.  They eventually get into a bar fight, which leads to their arrest. This part of tonight’s episode wasn’t necessary, but was probably included for the comic relief, which was mediocre. It did develop Ralph Dibny’s character a bit more.

The episode ends with the meta Amunet had captured on the run from The Thinker who shots laser beams from his Professor X chair, and captures him.  He states, yet again that he created the metas on the bus for his plan.  Yes, we know this. Tonight’s episode was a good deal of story with minimal action. I was hoping for more after last week’s episode.  I just don’t feel like this season is picking up quite yet.  We are only five episodes in, but I feel as if past seasons have caught my attention much quicker than this one.  There isn’t anything to look forward to with the current storyline.

What were your thoughts in this week’s episode?  Are you enjoying the season so far? Why does the show seem to have such a slow start this season?  What, if anything, would you do differently? Leave your comments in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

The Flash returns next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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