“Best Team Up Ever!!!”

I don’t think I have ever cried during a television show but like a 4 show cross-over event their is a first for everything.  While Supergirl’s episode last night left a lot of people disappointed with the story having nothing to do with the cross-over event, The Flash wasted little time getting into the plot.  So the premise of the big cross-over is that an alien race nicely named “The Dominators” show up to Central City looking to take over the world  through brain washing a couple superheroes to do their dirty work.  Just like a new untested team it is over-matched when they first interact with the aliens especially when the two most experienced heroes sit it out.  With the threat of the aliens still looming the next chapter sees part of the Arrow crew being abducted and the rest of the superheroes left to figure out how to rescue them.

1. Simple is better- Instead of wasting precious time introducing an alien race or taking the entire episode to get the team together, the writers and showrunners decided to not waste time and bring everyone together in the first fifteen minutes of the show.  This was genius that I wish was used a lot morein a lot of the show I watch.  The concept of Aliens vs Superheroes has been used many times before in comics, tv. and film so it was only fitting that an event like this had this story line.  This episode did not waste time to much time on their back story except for a small piece of how The Dominators had already been to Earth before and Krypton.  The CGI used in this episode showed that the budget for this event was increased significantly, from the CGI aliens that resemble Martian-Man Hunter to the showdown between the superheroes.  

2. The effects of Flashpoint have now been exposed to the entire Arrow Universe.  Professor Stein finally realized the new memories he was having was his new daughter and Diggle finally found out that Baby John was actually Baby Sarah.  What I really am starting to appreciate about is how serious how serious the team reacts to Barry’s admission especially Cisco.  Staying true to how the Arrow universe handles emotional issues the team’s feelings towards Barry’s didn’t last long and by the end of the episode the majority of the team was ready to forgive him for his wrongdoing.  The most interesting aspect of this episode was the inclusion of Gideon in STAR Labs with the Newspaper Article with Barry vanishing during Crisis on Infinite Earths.  This little Easter Egg from Season 1 of The Flash leads me to believe that Barry is going to need the help of Eobard Thawne to help reset the timeline.

3.  Somehow, someway the writers and Greg Berlanti need to figure how to bring Supergirl to the Arrow Universe on a more permanent basis.  What this episode proved is that events like this need to happen often among the shows.  Melissa Benoist proved that she belongs in a shared universe with this amazing cast of people.  With two more episodes to go in the crossover event it will be interesting to see how Supergirl plays into taking down the Dominators.  While the show Supergirl has a different tone than the other shows, I wouldn’t doubt that if it were to somehow transition to the same Earth/Universe.

Overall every single second of this episode was AMAZING!!!!  If the two remaining episodes of this crossover event is just like this one this event will go down in history as the greatest comic book television events. 

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