– by Mark Cook

Welcome back!  Last week’s episode was a bit different than what we have seen for most of Season 4, but was much welcomed.  What are we in for this week?  Well, Iris receives Barry’s powers making her the fastest woman alive.  How will it all play out?

Read on to find out.

The Intelligence Booster — Last week Cisco had said that DeVoe was a planner like Thawne.  Wells takes that idea a step further this week as he decides that if they create an Intelligence Booster and put it on a genius (himself) then they would be able to out-think The Thinker.  This creates a good deal of tension among the team as Cisco refuses to let Wells intake dark matter and risk being like DeVoe all while Dibny is upset because when they come up with a way to save him and the other bus metas, they refuse to follow through.  Iris tries to talk to Dibny reminding him that she is the leader of the team (sigh…) as he storms out.  I still am not sure why everyone has conceded that Iris is the unanimous leader.

More Metas — As a wealthy-looking meta, Eric Fry, is robbing a bank, another meta, Matthew Kim, lets him know that he shouldn’t be using his powers for evil.  During this time, the meta takes the other’s powers.  This eventually leads to…

Iris As The Flash — As Joe and Iris go to investigate Kim, he holds her hostage for The Flash to come to her rescue.  This leads to all of them exchanging touches and results in Barry losing his powers and them being transferred to Iris.  Here we go.  The suit possibly could be a nice nod to the comics where Barry and Iris’ daughter, Dawn Allen, or granddaughter, Jenni Ognats, donned purple suits.  This could also later connect to the mysterious girl working at Jitters who will more than likely be one of the two. As protective as Barry is of Iris, I can’t imagine why he would let her use her new powers with approximately maybe an hour of training to go out into the field.  Also, what took Barry numerous episodes in the earlier seasons to accomplish Iris seemed to master in seconds by them merely giving her commands over her earpiece.

For once Dibny is the voice of reason telling the group that Iris wasn’t ready, and reminds her that Cisco had to save her.  There was a decent reason for Iris’ adamant attitude on getting out into the field as she feels as if she is only working behind the scenes since quitting her job and joining the team (how do they make money?).  Barry’s response?  Send her into the field…This seems like a lot to cram into one episode.  She hasn’t had any actual training outside of running at STAR Labs twice.

Also, Caitlin and Wells have been up all night working, yet apparently Cisco was up making a costume for Iris (those heels must be awful to run in).  More plot holes that personally take away from the story-telling experience for me.  For instance, in order for Iris to stop another meta, she has to run on water in order to create a tidal wave, which she does, but how long did it take Barry to learn how to run on water?  Let’s not forget the fact that he has never created a tidal wave before. So she just picks it up by being a good listener?  Yes, I know they want Barry and Iris to switch roles for the episode, but this story was too rushed.

Back To Normal — After bringing in Matthew Kim, he apologizes and gives Barry back his powers.  Kim is an empathetic character, and the team asks him to help them moving forward as they feel he could be of good use against DeVoe.   How do you think he will help the team?  I was on Iris’ side at the end.  She did give up her powers knowing they weren’t for her and that it is Barry’s destiny.

The episode ends with the Intelligence Booster taking Wells 20 percent over the safety limit, but he does, in fact, find the names of the last two bus metas.

Well, that was…interesting.  Did Iris make a better Flash than Barry?  What’d you think of the episode?  Should we chalk it up with the rest of the season?  Leave your comments in the usual place, and thanks for reading!

The Flash returns next Tuesday, April 10  at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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