– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of The Flash.

It is a bit of an interesting time we live in. No longer can we post something online for fun and let it disappear into the abyss of the internet — especially if you’re Kevin Smith. If you’ll recall, a couple weeks back, the director took to Twitter to share the front page of the shooting script of his upcoming episode of CW’s The Flash.

Smith went to the added effort of actually covering the title of the episode, but it didn’t take much for the internet sleuths to run that bastard through a filter and reveal the name of the episode title: “Killer Frost.”

But was this the actual title of the episode, or was it somehow misconstrued? The short answer is yes, that is the actual title of the episode. But in true Kevin Smith fashion, he went on an episode of his weekly podcast Hollywood Babble-On, and all but confirmed the episode’s title.

Here’s what Smith had to say in response to that image:

“I did this thing, where on the first day of the show, I took a picture of the cover of the script and tweeted, like, ‘first day,’ or whatever. But I hid the title of the script with a pen…so when I took a picture, you could see that it was a Flash script, and you see a lot of information, but the only thing you couldn’t see was the title, and I thought I was super f***ing clever and s*** like that. Put it up online — I even got retweeted by Greg Berlanti, you know the dude who does all these f***ing shows. 

“And then someone on the internet took the image and made a polarized negative of it — or darkened it, and pulled out the page that was under the front page — oh, this s*** was out of an episode of The Flash. It was f***ing crazy, man. Somebody pulled the name of the episode from the second page that was under the title page…F***ing mindbending, man. I thought I was going to get fired, but they were like, ‘Dude, you gotta be a CSI agent to be prepared for that. You couldn’t have known.'”

So there you have it: confirmation of the episode’s title. As far as what the episode’s content will actually contain…that remains to be seen. But considering last season saw the death of Earth-2’s Killer Frost, one has to wonder of Earth-1’s Caitlin will tap more into her own abilities.

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SOURCE: Hollywood Babble-On

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