– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s hard not to like Kevin Smith. The man is a total geek who’s living his life to the fullest, producing stuff he loves and believes in, critics be damned. He wears his enthusiasm on his sleeve, especially when it comes the CW DC shows, which he’s raved about countless times by this point. 

Last TV season, Smith managed to lock down a gig directing an episode of The Flash entitled “The Runaway Dinosaur.” It was more character-driven than your average Flash episode, and a perfect fit for the director. Smith has already expressed how great his upcoming episode is for Season 3, and has even shared that it’ll contain a lot more action than his previous episode — which will do wonders to help stretch his directing abilities. 

Smith has now gone one step further and shared a photo of the script on Twitter.

Check it out below:

Being that the internet is a thing, one fan was quick to get into detective mode and enhance the image, showing some of the text on the first page of the script. The enhanced photo also reveals the name of the episode: “Killer Frost.”

As we know, Killer Frost is the name of Caitlin Snow’s Earth-2 alter ego, who died last season. Of course, given that this season of The Flash is set to deal with Flashpoint — the consequences of him going back in time and saving his mom — anyone who’s died up to this point is fair game to come back.

What do you think Killer Frost’s role will be in Kevin Smith’s episode of the show, and how do you think it’ll be explained that she’s alive and kicking? Let us know in the comments down below!

SOURCES: Kevin Smith, Pagmyst (via Screen Rant)

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