– by Joseph Jammer Medina

A lot of times, TV shows fall into one or two categories. Either they start off weak and slowly build into their own as things go on (see Parks and Recreation), or they start off strong and sort of morph into something slightly inferior over time. The latter category is what shows like Arrow and The Flash tend to fall into — though I think The Flash is still more watchable than Arrow was at this stage in its lifecycle.

However, if you were a fan of The Flash in Season 1, it looks like there may be a chance for you to witness its greatness again.

“I don’t want people’s expectations to be through the roof,” star Grant Gustin told EW, “but I really think this could be very similar to season 1 in [terms of] the heart and humor it had and the scope.”

Talk about laying on the expectations. If you weren’t around for the beginning of the show, it really started off on the momentum of the character’s appearance in Arrow, and rode high on the novelty of a shared TV universe. That sheen has since dulled over time, and the show’s tendency to re-use its tropes has started to wear thin.

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But, of course, a hero is only as good as his villain, and this time around, we will get on in the form of Cicada, whose appearance is linked to Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, Nora:

“We learn pretty early on, which shouldn’t come as a huge shock, that Nora being here actually has something to do with Cicada’s arrival. He can dampen other metahuman powers, and we don’t know at first how he’s able to do that. He’s got an edge that no other big bad has ever had. We don’t know who he is. He’s mysterious. He’s just kind of an intimidating, big scary man that can render pretty much all of these metahuman superheroes useless, more or less, in battle. He comes on really hard and fast the first time we meet him, so right away there’s an intimidation factor that’s through the roof, similar to Zoom.”

Are you ready for an intimidating non-Speedster version of Zoom? Let us know down below!

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