– by Mark Cook


I’ll admit it.  I am actually interested in seeing the portrayal of Rag Doll (not to be confused with Rag Man).  He somewhat looks like Jigsaw, but I am hoping they do not make him a one-off like most of their metas.  I am also curious to see how he fits in with the current plot of dark matter tech (or will he fit in at all?).  Will this week be a better episode?  Read on to find out!

Parenting Struggles — Nora has been ignoring Barry and Iris, and her actions almost lead to two elderly people getting hit by a motorcycle (also, how did it take the fastest man alive so long to get to the scene? )  This is where they backed themselves into a corner again.  Last season Barry could move faster than the human eye, but this week he says that he was almost at the street with the thief on a motorcycle, which seemed quite slow, so how does that work? Nora continues to hold Iris to her standards of the future rather than the present leading to more issues between the two.

The Others — Since the rest of Team Flash don’t seem to have much to do, they are all on the hunt for Caitlin’s father.  The team deduces that her father knew Caitlin and Killer Frost coexisted.  Cisco has been vibing in order to help, but every time he does, his hands begin to bleed, which leads to him having seizures.  Ralph begins to display more of the detective skills he had in the comics, yet is continually at odds with Sherloque Wells, which looks to actually be honing his skills because of their differences.  It’s making Ralph work harder.  The two work together with Cisco and make a couple large findings: four satellites that DeVoe left behind, and possibly where Caitlin’s father is. He has to be connected to Cicada, right?

Rag Doll — I’ll admit that this interpretation was pretty creepy.  He was like a Jigsaw/Exorcist hybrid.  Well, he was creepy until he spoke saying, “Mazel tov” when stealing a necklace and leaving the scene. While Barry is doing his forensics work at the mansion where the robbery occurred, Iris was seen interviewing the couple.  How does she get to go to every scene of a crime?  Just because she is married to Barry?  Yes, she is a blogger or whatever, but how does this justify her being on the scene of every crime?

Barry found a piece of Rag Doll’s hair, but couldn’t find any DNA from it.  As Barry saves a man from a building that Rag Doll planted a bomb in, the two come face-to-face. Barry figured out that Rag Doll’s fingerprints could stretch and also found out that his momma is a billionaire, Mrs. Merkel.

Rag Doll goes after Barry next…of course. They didn’t have any speedsters so Ralph and…Iris (with her gun) go to save him…And how do they get there?  By Ralph swinging from building to building like Spider-Man with Iris holding his neck.  This episode wasn’t bad until this.  Really unnecessary… Next Rag Doll pushes Barry off the building as Iris jumps off to save him, unlocking his meta-cuffs in mid-air, so Barry could regain his powers and land them on the ground.  Wow, what just happened?  This episode was pretty grounded until this all happened.  Of course, they caught Rag Doll in the end.  Can’t use a meta in more than one episode now, can they?

Mother-Daughter Make Up — Bringing Nora into this season has actually started to work through Barry and Iris’ relationship.  Granted it isn’t great yet, but I feel like they got married and then just went on to fight metas which never expanded on their relationship as well as the comics have.  It has been slow, but this season has done better in that aspect.

The family dynamics are difficult when all Nora knows are her parents from the future, but Barry has become to voice of reason for Iris and Nora.  Cecile plays her part, too.  She tells Nora stories that she thinks are about Barry, yet end up being about Iris.  Slick move.  Cecile helps Nora turn the corner.  It really is a family affair that I have found interesting.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to mesh with what the rest of Team Flash are doing, but maybe eventually they will connect.  Iris and Nora finally have the chance to talk and reassure each other of their new relationship moving forward.

I feel like this season reflects an older era of The Flash comics.  It has felt more Silver Age, and while that is fine, the issue I think many may have is that it isn’t what we had in Season 1, which set the bar incredibly high. What did you think of this week’s episode?  Is it finally improving, or do they still have a long way to go?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

The Flash returns next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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