– by Mark Cook

Now that DeVoe has switched host bodies (again…) Barry and the team may need more reinforcements.  Luckily, Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick return in order to help Team Flash with their newest issue.  Will their help be enough?  Read on to find out.

Barry Needs Help — The episode begins with the Barry moving faster than sight, and pulling Iris in with him letting her know it was just like the courtroom (let’s not forget that he couldn’t move quick enough last week to evade Dibny falling on him…). The show now goes back slightly in time in order to lead up to Barry’s meeting with Iris as he seems to be at his wit’s end trying to figure out how to stop DeVoe and find the other bus metas.

DeVoe has been planning the bus metas scenario for the past three years, and the group loathes the idea of having another planner like Thawne. Let’s be real, Thawne was way better. ARGUS and the PD come under attack by a mysterious group trying to steal a bomb.  Jesse, Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco all go to help.  The leader of the group trying to steal from ARGUS presses a button that Barry is somehow not fast enough to get to.

Once again, this is where they back themselves into a hole.  Just because he says “I am moving faster than sight” doesn’t mean that’s the only time he can do it.  How was the fastest man alive not quick enough?  She clearly held the detonator up with enough time for him to get it, but somehow he just missed it… Immediately after that, he begins moving faster than sight as Jesse is moving just as fast.  So they are apparently faster than sight, but how the slowest reaction times.  This may be minor to some viewers, but really bothers me.  If they would have never brought that element into the show, these other parts would be more believable.

The Return of Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick — Jesse’s return was welcomed at this moment in time.  It also brought the focus back on Wells’ character who is always a highlight (the “that’s what she said” joke was great!). This was a rather interesting portion with real emotions as Jesse is pleading with her father to come to terms with the death of her mother, which Wells still struggles with.  Later, as Barry and Jesse are trying to figure out how to stop the bomb, Barry realizes Jay Garrick may have an idea of how to help and tells Jesse to get him on Earth 3.  Maybe they should have got him earlier so he could help them track down DeVoe…  I do feel like the writers are starting to listen to some fan concerns as Cisco thinks he can create a breach to send the bomb to a dead-earth, but couldn’t do so while in Flash speed.  The ending of the show was a great scene involving Jesse and Wells sharing a touching moment, and memories, regarding their lost love.

Sacrifice The Speed Force? — Wells comes up with a plan for Barry to take the bomb into the Speed Force so that it can detonate there.  Jay informs Barry that if he does this, they could lose the Speed Force forever, which means all speedsters could lose their powers.  Would it be worth the risk?  Barry thinks so in order to save the city.  Jay finds a different approach which is to cool the bomb down.  The problem is, she can’t seem to use her powers while moving with Barry and the others.  Third time’s a charm? Not so much.

Jesse thinks that if all three can throw speed lightning at the bomb, it’ll create enough energy to stop the bomb.  The only problem is that Jay isn’t used to moving that fast for that long and has to bail.  This is actually a fairly interesting episode.  I never thought I’d miss having so many speedsters on the show, but I like Jay and Jesse’s characters much better than the focus on the bus metas and DeVoe’s constantly changing of host bodies.

What now?  Go back in time?  Barry isn’t doing that again.  Things seem pretty bleak as Barry sends Jesse away, but she comes out of Flash speed after a heartwarming moment with her dad.  The episode comes back to where it began with Barry moving with Iris while telling her all that had happened. The episode had me until this point.  Cisco, Caitlin, Wells, Jesse, Barry, and Jay all couldn’t figure out what to do, but guess who could?  The former barista/blogger, Iris.  It would have been better if one of the other characters figured out how to actually use the Speed Force to help.  Oh, and Veronica Dale from Eden Core ended up being a domestic terrorist, which is why she wanted to blow up the city, and is possibly working for DeVoe.

Even though it had its flaws, this episode was an improvement from the others.  It was a welcomed change of pace, and nice to not deal with the bus metas and DeVoe.  I’d like to see Jesse and Jay more often.  I don’t think it needs to be speedster-centric, but could be more engaging if they were incorporated more.  Unfortunately, it looks as if Jay may be hanging up his shoes after he is done training the individual who will be taking over for him.  I hope this isn’t the last time we see John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick.  I enjoy having Shipp on the show and still love the connection to the original 90s series. The end of the episode gives viewers a look at the mysterious girl who works at Jitters, awkwardly interacting with Wells and Caitlin.  Who is she?  What could be her role?

Next week looks to bring us Barry losing his powers and Iris gaining them…meh…What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was it more of the same, or did the incorporation of Jay and Jesse help spice the episode up?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

The Flash returns next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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