– by Campbell Clark

The Girl in the Spider’s Web is released in the US on November 9 and will act as a soft-reboot of the franchise. The movie whilst being a direct sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) from director David Fincher, will feature a brand new cast under the guidance of new director Fede Alvarez.

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The movie, written by Stephen Knight will star Claire Foy in the role of Lisbeth Salander, taking over from Rooney Mara. it follows the story of Salander as she tries to rescue and exact vengeance for battered women.

LRM‘s own Nancia Tapia was present at a recent press conference promoting the movie. Director Alvarez talked about how the focus will shift in his movie from the lead character being journalist Mikael Blomkvist to following Salander as the lead role in this movie.

“The main thing you’ll notice at twenty minutes in and you’ll see in the movie. This is the first movie that is about her. All the other movies, I mean she’s the whole deal but it’s Mikael Blomkvist’s story. I mean he’s the guy that you relate to. It’s harder to relate to her. Naturally she’s just so different from you. Right? So, she’s always the character that you follow and Blomkvist is always trying to chase behind her and you cut to her what she did.

But the main character is Mikael Blomkvist . The character that everybody connects with at the beginning of the first book and all the books and all the movies that have been made is about that character and she is the unicorn. She’s the magic character that we follow but the screen time is always 80% Mikael Blomkvist.

So this is the first time that we dared to tell the story 100% about her. And he’s more like a character that is present in the movie but it’s all about her. So that’s a huge difference and that’s why, I think, we said it at one and then stick with what we’re saying. She’s like a feminist Batman. That’s who she is and so it does have that element of superhero, I guess. But the adventure itself is quite different but the setup I guess, a lot of elements that for sure has some of that.”

It’s still going to feel a little weird to think of this as a direct sequel to a film with a completely different cast, but it does sound interesting that they are telling the story of this film with Salander’s character as the firm lead.

What do you think of Alvarez comments? Are you looking forward to seeing The Girl in the Spider’s Web? Shoot your mouth off in the firing range below as always.

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SOURCE: Press Conference