‘The Mandalorian’ Chapter 9 The Marshal Reaction [Spoiler Warning]

The second season of The Mandalorian is finally here. After all the speculations and rumors we can now finally discuss the actual show. Last year when this unknown show debuted on Disney+ only die hard Star Wars fans were really excited about it. But after the debut of The Child all fans of Star Wars became hooked.  When we last left Din Djarin and The Child they were embarking on a mission to find the Jedi to return The Child to his home.  Of course we knew that this season of The Mandalorian was going to be bigger and travel to more planets, but we didn’t expect anything like this. Chapter 9 brought together parts of the Extended Universe to what is now considered Canon.

This is your last warning if you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Mandalorian….

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From the end of last season Din Djarin’s mission is to now reunite The Child with his own kind by locating a Jedi. In an interesting twist we see Din searching for other Mandalorian’s to help him locate the Jedi. This will lead Mando to come back to Tatooine looking for a Mandalorian protecting a small mining town. Now to the casual Star Wars fan most would assume that this Mandalorian would be none other than Boba Fett. But for the die-hard fans from they would know this person to be none other than Cobb Vanth. It had rumored for a while that Cobb would be a part of the series and it was not just a fan service cameo.

Mandalorian Season 2 Nevarro

Cobb Vanth, played by Timothy Olyphant, is a miner who comes into possession of Boba Fett’s weapons and armor and uses them to protect the mining town of Freetown.  It is when Din confronts Cobb about his armor that a deal is brokered for Mando to help the people of Freetown to destroy a Krayt dragon that is terrorizing the people.  But in order to destroy this dragon he will need the help of the Tusken Raiders leading to an uneasy truce between the Tusken and villagers. When the dragon is destroyed Cobb relinquishes his armor and Din is off to continue his search for another Mandalorian.

The episode ends with a lone scout watching Din Djarin as he rides off on his speeder bike.  When the scout turns around it is none other than Temuera Morrison  who played Jango Fett in Attack Of The Clones. Of course we know that Temuera Morrison is playing Boba Fett and the next episode sets up for the two most popular Mandalorians to finally meet. We can only assume that Boba will want his armor back.


Overall this episode was perfect on so many levels. What is amazing about this episode of The Mandalorian is that it opens the door to bring characters from The Expanded Universe that Disney once said would be separate from the Star Wars Canon Universe. To see Cobb riding a make shift speeder that was made out of Anakin’s pod racer was something special. Cobb Vanth, Krayt Dragons, a resurrected Boba Fett are just a couple of things that old Star Wars fans had been hoping to see come to life. This episode gave a glimmer of hope that other characters from The Expanded Universe could be coming to Disney+ in the future.

Overall Score: A+

What do you think about this exclusive look? Are you excited as I am for season two of The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian Season 2 starts streaming Friday October 30th on Disney+.

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