– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Let’s face it: Hollywood is a liberal place. As such, a lot of the films and television shows tend to have quite the liberal slant in them, whether it’s intentional or not. A lot of conservatives have a hard time taking anything from Hollywood seriously thanks to this slant (though there are some exceptions to this, of course).

Given the subject matter of The Post — which revolves around both a massive government cover-up, a well as the idea of a woman working in a man’s world — some may also go into this assuming there’s some sort of liberal agenda.

However, speaking with our very own Gig Patta, one of the film’s co-writers Josh Singer (who also did work on the film Spotlight) stated that he thinks both sides of the political spectrum can take things away from the movie.

“I’m sort of surprised on the relevancy of the film. There will be people who say it’s a liberal film. I don’t think it’s a liberal film. It’s the values [portrayed in the film] are for democracy. Mostly, this film is about on how LBJ and JFK lied. Those are Democratic icons. We’ve seen posters that they had written “liars” right across their faces. This film is not about liberal values, but American values.

One of the conversations we think people will have after they see it is how really important it is how to have a free and strong press. It’s very important to have institutional journalism holding all parties accountable whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or independents. If we don’t have a strong press holding all these [people] accountable, then who will?”

Who will indeed?

What do you think of Singer’s comments? Do you agree that the premise of the story has things both the left and the right can take from it? Let us know your thoughts down below!

The Post is out now!

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