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Welcome to another week of discussion on the Free Talk Friday column. This week we are talking The Power Broker, Episode 3 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and by far my favorite episode yet. As always with this column, it’s about getting right into the nitty gritty and that means spoiler warnings. If you want to know what I thought without getting into spoilers here it is.

The Power Broker was an excellent episode which hinges around the weird relationship between Bucky, Sam and Zemo. Last week we knew Bucky and Sam were off to Zemo and this for me is where the fireworks start in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. It was great to see Daniel Bruhl again as Zemo, and I hope we get to see a lot more of him going forward. The plot itself doesn’t advance too much this week, but there are some key teases of what’s to come. Overall, loved it, best episode yet, but to explain why I need to get into spoilers.

SPOILER WARNING For The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 3 After This Point




The Power Broker

The Power Broker of the Episode title is never seen, or even heard in this episode, but perhaps they are felt. Who this Power Broker is remains a mystery, but that’s all part of the intrigue isn’t it? Zemo is what this episode was all about and I’m glad one of my predictions came true. If you read my mad speculation you’ll know I had a feeling from set photos etc., that Zemo was gonna team up with Bucky and Sam. Boy, was I right and it was glorious!

After going to see Zemo, Bucky goes in alone, and by the time Sam knows what’s happening Bucky has broken Zemo out of prison to help them track the Flag Smashers. The results leave a wonderful dynamic between the straight laced Sam, the reforming Bucky and the already gone to the dark side Zemo. I loved these three together and the more if this we get in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier the better.

There were several times in this show alone where I thought Zemo had ditched them and gone on to his own agenda, and yet he always came back. I genuinely have no idea what Zemo’s true goals are here, but he must have alternative plans. I was worried when this happened because I was enjoying the three of these leads together. Actually, when Sharon Carter also showed up, the foursome was pretty strong for a short time also.

This week we didn’t get to see much of the Flag smasher or fCaptain America. Sure they showed up briefly to advance their own plots along, however the stars of the show were the the lead characters.


Of course, we already knew Madripoor was going to feature in this show and it’s the first location associated with the X-Men we have seen in the MCU. Madripoor feels like someone created a NY City in Asia and then populated it with all the criminals in the world to run it. It’s a made up place, but then so is Sokovia where Zemo lived and fought. What is interesting about Sokovia for me was how Zemo mentions that the country has been cannibalised by its neighbors. Any bets that one of those neighbors is called Latveria anyone?

In Madripoor Zemo, Bucky and Sam get into some trouble and also get some information with the help of of Sharon Carter. Carter is living off the grid and still on the run from the events of Civil War. Sam feels bad about Sharon and offers to help clear her name if she will help them. And of course Carter does help the trio, but I have a feeling there is far more going on with Carter than we know yet. I’m just gonna say this now, before it becomes ludicrous. What if Sharon is the Power Broker, or works for him/her? It kinda seemed like that was underling who showed up, and she got in the back seat. Carter also did not go inside to see Nagel, is that because Nagel may have recognized her?

I know, it’s a bit wacky, but you never know right?

Super Soldiers

The Star Spangled Man

Yep, as I again predicted, the MacGuffin of this show is Super Soldier Serum. Everyone wants it, and the Flag Smashers have it all. Zemo also kills Nagel who created it, I think simply for the fact that he does not want any more made. 20 vials Nagel made of Super Soldier Serum and he says his version is better. I think the idea of the change is to enable Marvel to give people powers without them having to bulk up like Chris Evans for every movie or show.

Again I will predict that by the end of this show, a confrontation between John Walker, and Sam, with both Suped up is on the cards. The winner takes that shield and becomes the new Captain America. I also like how Bucky is starting to maybe even think of himself taking that role over. Sam seems to have lost faith on what the shield can represent but Bucky hasn’t. I still don’t think that the shield should go to Bucky right now, but I like that he is vested in it’s destination.

The Final Word

This week’s episode is stolen by Zemo. We have a rich, Baron Zemo cruising the world using his shady connections to open doors and it’s great. We also got to see dancing Zemo at the club in High Town and who knew we needed that till we did? I always enjoyed Bruhl’s take on Zemo in Civil War, but this is him taking it to another level. I thought she chewed up every scene he was in with a look or a line. Let’s just hope Zemo is front and center for the rest of this series and remains in the MCU for some time to come.

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Who is the Power Broker? What is Ayo doing looking for Zemo? And could we get one final appearance of Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa? Yep, I know that might seem like a crazy idea after the passing of Boseman last year. However, We also know that head writer Malcolm Spellman teased some kind of tear jerker for Episode 5. Some fans are starting to wonder if Boseman filmed one final scene for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier prior to his passing? If you remember, the first shoot for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was long before anyone even knew Boseman was ill. Boseman died in the middle of Lockdown and just before The Falcon and The Winter Soldier picked up shooting again.

I’m not saying I buy the theory completely, but equally I have no logical reason to discount it yet. This is possible, however unlikely and it would be a real tear jerker for sure. Damn. But hey, don’t to getting your hopes up because there is no real evidence to support this theory either. I’m just glad Ayo is bringing some Wakanda into this show.

What did you think of The Power Broker? As always, leave any thoughts below.


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