– by Campbell Clark

The above clip shows the plucky human warriors of The Predator trying to kill the Super Predator hunting them in some forest. And for me, it doesn’t hold up well to scrutiny.

Considering the premise of the original Predator was basically, the above sentence other than swapping forest for jungle and you’d be forgiven for thinking, so what?

But there is just something not quite right about the way this is all filmed, it doesn’t look as visceral and realistic as the original 80’s movie did, despite all the modern special effects. I look at this Super Predator and I kinda want to start laughing, I genuinely think it’s a pretty silly and childish idea. It’s like I asked my kid what they should do for a Predator sequel and he came up with ‘Super Predator’. I feel like I want to say “dun, dun, dunnnn” after I type Super Predator each time.

The last TV spot and red band trailers gave me some slim hope for this movie, but after seeing this clip, along with hearing the quick reviews of some of the writers here who have seen the movie, I am starting to think I might just give it a miss completely.

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Am I alone in wishing someone would go back in time and make a proper sequel to the original movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger? He is far too old now for it of course and I think wisely rejected the chance to cameo in this movie. But I guess the idea I had when I was like 15, to bring Arnold back and have him to go the Predator planet for some inane reason, isn’t looking too bad right now?

What do you think of this latest clip, am I overreacting to a small scene? Anyone seen The Predator yet and want to weigh in on either side? Hunt down some fellow fans to chat with in the comments section below.

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