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When last we saw Frank Castle, he was on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen, providing much-needed coverage for Daredevil, before he walked off into the proverbial sunset. His arc was a rewarding one in Daredevil Season 2, and he’s arguably one of the strongest aspects of the entire Marvel Netflix universe so far.

It’s no wonder that The Punisher himself would get his own Netflix series. Of course, it’s not a task without its potential pitfalls. The Punisher is a character studios have taken a crack at time and again. In fact, there were three other interpretations of the character before Jon Bernthal locked down the role in Daredevil.

As we saw in that series, he was a fantastic supporting character, but how would he fare in a standalone series? Is there some other reason why The Punisher had failed so many times before? While it may be too early to say whether or not this is a success, this latest trailer for The Punisher from Netflix shows a great deal of promise.

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From what we can tell, in his journey to dig deeper into the deaths of his wife and kid, Frank uncovers a conspiracy that reveals the true intent behind their killings: to get to him. Now, the CIA, Homeland Security, and the FBI all want Frank dead, and as we should expect, Frank isn’t taking this sitting down.

In this trailer, we get a lot of great espionage imagery juxtaposed with the hard-lined action we’ve come to expect from Bernthal’s take on the character. Also present is the character Micro, the more tech-savvy ally of Frank Castle (at least for a while), who will likely be the man in the chair for this series. This trailer once again proves that Marvel and Netflix are able to create a bunch of series with different styles and tones that all exist in the same universe.

It may be too early to call it, but we wouldn’t be surprised if The Punisher ends up as one of their strongest series to date.

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The Punisher still has no official release date, but we think that November 10, 2017 (the Marine Corps anniversary) is as good a date as any that we can guess.

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