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Hollywood has a tendency to run franchises into the ground. We can’t even hope to count the number of film series that start off incredibly strong, but just don’t know when to stop. Eventually, they sort of just…peter out. The especially unfortunate series go down in flames, with the whole world laughing and pointing the entire way. This is the fate we want to avoid for especially beloved films like Edge of Tomorrow.

However, like it or not, an Edge of Tomorrow 2 (or Live Die Repeat and Repeat, if we’re to take director Doug Liman’s word for it) seems to be in the cards. Luckily for us, all the main talent seems to be returning, so we can at least hope they end up with a film that somehow ends to being as creative and original as that first one. By why rock the boat? Why risk the chance of crashing and burning? Sure, there’s the money aspect, but for Hollywood folks like Doug Liman and Tom Cruise, the creative aspect also has to be there, right? 

Speaking with Moviefone, Liman revealed the real reason why he decided to return for a second installment:

“[Screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie] and I came up with a great story that I love. We normally never do a sequel. I might produce it, like with Bourne, but for me to direct a sequel, it’s got to be better than the original. And we’ve got a story that passes the litmus test for me of how I decide whether or not I’ll make a movie which is every one of my friends knows the story of this movie because I’ve told it at every dinner party. I just like telling the story. It’s so cool and so funny and so sharp and wicked. I constantly find myself telling the story. So I’m like, I’ve got to make the movie so I don’t have to tell the story over and over again. And Swingers, I was telling the story before I made it. The Wall I’m telling the story before I make it. The movies I end up making are the ones that I am compelled to tell over and over again with words first.”

So apparently Liman is getting sick of telling the story of Edge of Tomorrow 2: Tomorrow Harder at his dinner parties, and needs to get it out of his system. It seems like a silly reason, but as he stated, it’s less of a reason, but more of an effect that a good untold story has on him. If he brings it up enough, clearly it’s a good enough story that he feels the need to tell it over and over again. He may as well tell it for good for all of us to see if he cares about it so much. Now if only we could get a hold of the folks he invites to his dinner parties and get some plot details from them.

What do you think of Liman’s reasoning? Does it make sense to you? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Doug Liman’s latest film, The Wall, hits select theaters on May 12, 2017.

Edge Of Tomorrow-er‘s release date is still up in the air.

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SOURCE: Moviefone

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