The Rings Of Power Showrunners Tease Possible Blue Wizard Appearance

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Vanity Fair recently interviewed J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, and The Rings of Power showrunners tease a possible Blue Wizard appearance in the show. I’ll get into some lore around these Blue Wizards down below. However this was answered due to fans wanting to know would there be any Wizards in The Rings of Power?

In the footage that premiered in the Rings of Power Super Bowl teaser, audiences caught a glimpse of a tall, mysterious man who falls from the sky. Our immediate instinct is to wonder if he’s one of the wizards even the most casual fans might have heard of. In Tolkien’s text, they didn’t come to Middle-earth until the Third Age, but is the show taking some added liberties with the timeline? When asked if this might be Gandalf, Radagast, or Saruman, McKay answered cautiously, “Well, I would say those are not the only beings, those names, in that class. So maybe, but maybe not. And the mystery and the journey of it is all of the fun, I would say.” 

Payne adds, “There are tiny little nods to Tolkien that could send you this way or send you that way. And we are hoping people will like taking that and putting together a huge puzzle.”

What is known for certain is that this mystery man’s story connects to the harfoot character Nori Brandyfoot (Markella Kavenagh), seen in the Super Bowl teaser. “Powers can be used for good or bad, and harfoots have rules that you’re not supposed to engage with the big folk,” McKay says. Most rules in Middle-earth, however, are made to be broken.

Blue Wizards?

For now fans are calling the dude seen in the header above Meteor Man. There are, based on what the showrunners say here, I think two possibilities. One that this is one of the Blue Wizards sent from Valinor, possibly in a meteor, to aid the peoples of Middle-earth. In terms of the Tolkien mythology we have a plot hole regarding these Blue Wizards. You see Tolkien never fully decided when they would arrive in Middle-earth. In the version from The Silmarillion these Wizards, or Istari, arrived at the same time as Saruman, Gandalf and Radagast. Neither are mentioned in the story much because they traveled to the East far away from the setting of Tolkien’s completed novels.

However in a later change, Tolkien toyed with the idea of the two Blue Wizards arriving earlier during the Second Age. I.e they could be keeping fans guessing for a while perhaps?

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The other possibility, which I dislike, is that this Meteor Man is Sauron. Sauron is the same kind of being as the Istari, though not bound to a Human form like they were. During the Second Age Sauron can still appear to look like whatever he fancies. That’s why I do not see Sauron appearing in a meteor and looking like an older man. I much prefer the idea that Sauron is one of the cast hiding in plain sight throughout the first Season. However, we shall see? Eventually though, we must surely see Annatar arriving to aid Celebrimbor in the forging of the Rings of Power, right? We also know that Sauron had never heard of Hobbits before he tortured Gollum thousands of years later.

So….Blue Wizard, but where is the other one?

What do you think as The Rings of Power showrunners tease a possible Blue Wizard appearance in the show? Sound off below.

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