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Disclaimer: Spoilers for this week’s episode of The Walking Dead

I highly recommend reading LRM Anthony Esteves’ review HERE before I get into next week’s The Walking Dead trailers, and some long awaited character development.

For a long time now, over several seasons, we have seen both Morgan and Carol change their attitudes towards killing humans to evolve into almost a pacifist type of view. Morgan has been this way since he meet the cheesemaker, and started reading “The Art of Peace.” Carol on the other hand, after adding up the count of people she has killed in her notebook (27 now I believe), finally let it all get to her. She is a master at making people believe she is an innocent housewife, when she is actually the most dangerous person of the group. However, I think her acting finally became her actual personality, and she left Alexandria so that she would not have to kill again.

After Morgan killed Richard (which was a bummer, because I liked him) I believe he finally understands what must be done, and after Morgan explained to Carol the deaths of Glenn, Abraham, Olivia, and Spencer — Carol will revert to her old killing-machine self, I am sure of this. They both appear to be packing up to head to Alexandria, likely with The Kingdom in tow.

This brings us to next week. Rosita and Sasha have been trying to kill Negan for sometime now, and now they have a sniper rifle and enough bullets to get the job done.  Check out the trailers below:

In the first clip, we see the bullets Rosita has been acquiring, but as Sasha has basically taken on the sniping role of Andrea, from the comics, it is up to her. The two girls left for Hilltop under false pretenses to help train the people there to fight The Saviors. This was simply a ploy, as the clip ends with Sasha taking aim at a group of Saviors, with Negan walking behind them. I doubt he dies here, in fact I know he doesn’t, but I do have a feeling Sasha (or someone) may.

The Second clip shows a heart-to-heart with Enid and Sasha, where Sasha is telling Enid to look after Maggie, as Maggie is the future. Enid knows what Sasha is about to do and gives her ten minutes before she tells everyone.

What do you guys think will happen next week? Someone is going to do, I just know it. Who will it be?

I have a feeling something terrible will happen this next episode, and not to The Saviors. The episode will be called “The Other Side” and it airs next Sunday, March 19th.

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Source: AMC (via CBM)

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